Merc Elite: First Details on Recon Revealed

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Hamburg, 29 August 2013Bigpoint, a leading global developer and publisher of online games, is revealing exclusive details on the Recon – the first of five playable classes in the forthcoming blockbuster Merc Elite. The world's first military-themed MOBA game (multiplayer online battle arena) is set to be launched in 2013 as a free-to-play browser title. The gameplay trailer to the Recon is available via the following link:

Recon – Ambush the Enemy with Deadly Surprise Attacks

The Recon's main duty is to provide invaluable intel for the unit, but it also possesses the ability to land precision blows from close range. Deceptive and slippery, the Recon relies on stealth to skulk in close before launching into an attack from the shadows. While overmatched in an open firefight, the Recon can escape sticky situations thanks to his cloaking skill and unmatched speed. Being able to turn invisible also enables the Recon to get in close for a deadly, match-changing strike. These indispensable attacks can help the unit snatch victory from the opposition when all seems lost.

Equipped with an array of lethal ninja swords and light-weight automatic weapons, the Recon is as ruthless as it gets. Combine that with his speed and hit-and-run attacks and you have a tough kill for any opponent.



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