Be a Champion Summoner: Ancient Summoner PvP Battles Unveiled

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Gamebox's latest fantasy card game production "Ancient Summoner" has now been released for a week. This game is set in a fantasy land where the war between vampires, humans, elvs, halfbloods, goblins and beasts has been lasting for centuries. Players will collect their cards and summon these creatures to fight in battles in order to survive.

[Arena & Tournaments]

The competitions between all summoners are various and non-stop. In players' city, the building "Arena" is the place summoners can find their match via an auto match-up system and battle. The rules are pretty simple, wins give you score and losses don't. Still you need to be careful as your score reached a considerable rank when losing a battle would start deduct your score.

At the end of a season, top 100 summoners on the arena rank will be rewarded accordingly. And an exciting tournament between these top players will also be held with a knock-out system. The winners will be rewarded with some amazing cards and gold.

Ancient Summoner Screenshot

Ancient Summoner Screenshot

[Card Combine & Fuse]

To win in a PvP battle, you need to have some awesome cards. In this case, Card Combine and Fuse become very important for summoners. In Alchemy, summoners can use multiple lower level cards to combine them and get a high level card by chance.

If you believe use cards to combine and fail would be a waste, you may want to try your luck to Fuse. Fuse is a function where summoners can use materials to get a certain card. This specific card can be refreshed for free each 2 hours. If you find a 5 star cards in Fuse, do not hesitate to get it!

Ancient Summoner Screenshot

Ancient Summoner Screenshot

[More Fun with 2v2 & 4v4]

More players always bring more fun. In arena, one on one battle is not your only choice. Why not form a 2-player or 4-player team with your friends! It would take a little bit longer to find your match, but it's definitely worth it!

In a team battle, coordination is essential. Summoners should always communicate with teammates about the strategies in order to win. Basically speaking, protect not only yourself, but also your teammates, and put your strongest cards behind your teammates' shields.

Ancient Summoner Screenshot

Ancient Summoner Screenshot

The following is an official video of a 2v2 battle. In this video, Gamebox used all lv60 heroes and Godlike cards for players to feel the excitement of the battle.

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