NGames Announces New Pockie Saints Updates

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NGames rolls out two new gameplay features for Pockie Saints; introducing Zodiac Dream instances and an all new Star Map System

Publisher NGames, operator of the online games portal, is today excited to introduce more new gameplay features to the open beta of charming fantasy MMO, Pockie Saints. Available now, beta testers are invited to participate in thrilling new cross-server instance battles and tournaments and check out The Lucky Wheel, an all new feature which could earn adventurers bags of prizes of prizes.

Pockie Saints thrust players into the centre of an almighty struggle between Order and Chaos. When the Blade of Chaos crashes down to earth, Pockie Saints players must overcome unique and divine challenges, tackle special instances, utilise various pets, collect medals, and master the Zodiac horoscopes; all in search of a Holy Blade capable of restoring peace to the world – before it is too late!

In the new special instances for the Cross-Server Arena, players can experience fierce 3v3 battles and win tons of EXP, Trial Points and Cross-server points, amongst other prizes. Players will be matched according to their Cross-Server Points and Combat Power rank, so battles will always be fairly matched.

The battles play out in a 10-minute classic red vs blue format, where teams will compete to be the first to grab resources. The first team that secures 1000 resources is victorious. If, however, the timer runs out before either team can obtain that amount, then the winner is decided on who has obtained the most resource points, unless that figure is even, in which case it will be decided on cross-server points.

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To secure resources in Pockie Saints turn-based battle system, a team must be in control of a resource tile for 10 seconds. If attacked, the collecting time will be interrupted and the clock reset. Warriors can leave the battlefield at any point, but cannot rejoin the same battle once they've left, nor will they be given ay rewards if their team ends up winning.

The player with the highest battle score will receive bonus EXP and extra honour reward, regardless of whether their team wins the battle or not. Both teams will also collectively receive EXP and an honour bonus.

The Cross-Server Point reward for the winning team is determined by the difference between the average Cross-Server Points of both teams. The winning team will receive this amount while the same amount of cross-server points will be subtracted from the losing side. The arena is now set for some truly inspiring under-dog stories to unfold in Pockie Saints.

As well as the cross-server arena launch, two new pets and costumes have been added to the game. The pirate captain, despite it's cute look, is a deadly venomous beast, and the icy servant, while looking intimidating, will happily do the bidding of its owner. Players can don the the new Aries and Taurus costumes and strut their stylish new looks around the server.

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The final update to Pockie Saints is the addition of The Lucky Wheel, a pot-luck gamble that could earn players exclusive and hard-to-find prizes. Players who have Lucky Wheel Items are given one spin per item.

Interested gamers can register for free now at the official Pockie Saints game site on the portal:

Landing page:

About Pockie Saints

Pockie Saints is a fantasy online game with storylines and gameplay inspired by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. The unique gameplay sees players explore their own divinity, train and utilise various pets, tackle special instances, and use a magical Zodiac Match and Horoscopes system.

About NGames

NGames Interactive Limited is a leading entertainment company, specializing in the development, operation, and publishing of online social and browser games. NGames leverages its Game321 brand and takes advantage of its rich industry experience to promote an array of stunning games across the globe.

Over the last few years, NGames has established a large integrated entertainment platform,, and has achieved worldwide success with a number of popular games, including the award-winning Pockie Ninja series and Pockie Pirates, FoxLi Rush, Cyber Monster, Tales of Solaris, Wartune, Divines of the East, Brave Fantasy, and DDTank.



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