Dragon's Call II: New Update Patch Released

Date: Aug 15 2013 18:39:59 Source: Press Release Views:
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The scheduled server maintenance on August 13th for Dragon's Call II brought a new update patch. Here, Gorzt team was very willing to share more details about the update and game adjustment.

Dragon's Call II

The First Recharging Gifts were changed. Now players pay Any Amount for the Dragon Gold the first time will get DOUBLE return! They will still get the Action Points, Gold and Sweet Potions. Attention! The first recharging record will be reset. All players have the chance to get the First Recharge Package.

The effective duration of Guild Leaders' broadcast for inviting guild members has been prolonged to 1 minute. If another message was sent before the last one disappears, the previous one will be replaced directly.

The "Batch Dragon Hunter" is available on Guild Dragon Hunter now, and it will be activated when players become VIP2.

The Guild Boss Calendar has become permanent. It is no need to reset the calendar every week.

Players can directly exchange for Gold but not Gold Bags with Badge NPC-Xufu.

A new function to automatically sell Bad Luck Horoscope has been added into the game. (Available to VIP5 or level 80+ players)

A new function to combine Purple or below Horoscopes has been added into the game. (Available to VIP5 or level 80+ players)

The Horoscope "Nebula" which can be used to receive Horoscopes Exp and upgrade Essences has been added into the game. Each Nebula will give players 1000 points Horoscope Exp. The Exchange button will be available for level 60+ players.

A brand new Roulette system has been also added into the game to replace the Lottery system. Gorzt team promised to share more details about this new system in the near future.

Dragon's Call II is a side-scrolling turn-based 2D MMORPG brought by Gorzt. Free to play forever. Players are able to enjoy a rich variety of splendid combat modes and skills. In addition, they can invite in-game NPCs or powerful Bosses to participate in battles when they stumble across the monsters and creatures. Together with various featured systems, humanistic storylines, thrilling elite instances and miscellaneous gameplay, Dragon's Call II could demonstrate a totally different and terrific game world into which players will sink their teeth.



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