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Gorzt team was very glad to announce that they already purchased PopPace. From now on, players are able to enjoy games published by Gorzt and PopPace including Tamer Saga, Dragon's Call II, Holy Blade and others on Gorzt. The game platform is named PopPace. Here, Gorzt team was willing to bring brief introduction about the games they published. More details are as follows.

Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga is a browser-based anime-style MMORPPG. Free to play forever! Emblem selection and pets deployment in the basis of enemies' attributes are the crown jewels of this fantastic role play game. With the thrilling storyline happened in medieval Europe, players can recruit various monsters and even BOSSes they defeated to become their companies. The game world supports PvE as well as PvP that available all the day where players can gain ranks and rewards. Players can also choose from one of four classes, including Warrior, Mage, Priest, and Ranger. For now, Tamer Saga already attracted more than 171K fans on Facebook. For more details please visit

Dragon's Call II

Dragon's Call II is a side-scrolling turn-based 2D MMORPG. Free to play forever. Players in game are able to enjoy a rich variety of splendid combat modes and skills. In addition, they can invite in-game NPCs or powerful Bosses to participate in battles when they stumble across the monsters and creatures. Together with various featured systems, humanistic storylines, thrilling elite instances and miscellaneous gameplay, Dragon's Call II could demonstrate a totally different and terrific game world into which players will sink their teeth. For more details please visit

Holy Blade Online

Holy Blade Online is a 2D cute & realistic web RPG set in medieval Europe. It features thrilling real-time combats, various options to customize constellations, eudemons, wings, equipment and pets, and more other elements such as adventure and puzzle solving. Additionally, players will definitely fully enjoy amazing controls especially in the never-before-seen large-scale battlefield. Holy Blade Online in English will be released soon. For more details please visit

In addition, Gorzt team revealed the plan to release a traditional but also innovative Texas HoldEm Poker game at the end of August. They also promise to bring players more and more delicate games in near future.

Gorzt is a fast-rising digital interactive entertainment company, founded with the aim of becoming a leading massively multiplayer game publisher. It is dedicated to developing itself into the world's largest interactive entertainment platform by providing unique gaming environments and communities to gamers across the globe.



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