Sound the Bells! Pockie Saints to Introduce Wedding Ceremonies

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NGames is excited to announce the introduction of weddings and the celebration of matrimony between players of Zodiac-inspired fantasy MMO, Pockie Saints

Publisher NGames, operator of the online games portal, is giving players the opportunity to gain wedding themed rewards and plenty of exp in celebration of the love between husband and wife in Zodiac-inspired fantasy online game, Pockie Saints.

Pockie Saints thrust players into the centre of an almighty struggle between Order and Chaos. When the Blade of Chaos crashes down to earth, Pockie Saints players must overcome unique divine challenges, tackle special instances, utilise various pets, collect medals, and master the Zodiac horoscopes; all in search of a Holy Blade capable of restoring peace to the world – before it is too late!

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Wedding Ceremonies are a perfect way to bring two players closer together and reap some awesome rewards at the same time - just like real life! To get married, Pockie Saints characters must be single, lvl 40+, and have an intimacy level of 4 with another character. Weddings are of course expensive, and a man needs to pay 520520 gold for the ceremony to get underway.

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Ladies can sit back and let the man do the organizing (for once!); the male character is the team leader and must register with NPC Father Chika to start the wedding proceedings, although players must ensure both man and wife are in the same scene to register successfully.

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Once players have interacted with Father Chika, a menu will appear asking man and wife to confirm their matrimony and to say their vows. If a player refuses the joining, or in the instance of an internet failure, a reminder will appear to guide Pockie Saints players what to do next. Gold will be completely refunded to the male character via mail if anything marriage-breaking occurs.

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Depending on the male player's wallet and preferences, they can purchase three different types of weddings. For couples on a budget, the Economical Wedding is the cheapest way to celebrate the happy day, costing 209120 gold. Next up is the Normal Wedding for 999 crystals, and finally the Deluxe Wedding, which players can enjoy for 1999 crystals.

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Each of the three ceremonies provides players with themed special rewards, which grow in value the more expensive the wedding becomes, from Silver Rings to Diamond Rings. What's more, each wedding creates a special effect that is certain to get couples noticed, and wedding clips will be displayed and broadcast across the whole server.

Weddings are a great way to bring people together, which is why NGames is giving players the opportunity to gain from interacting with each ceremony. If the couple can afford either the Deluxe or Normal wedding, an interaction window will appear to all players under lvl 30 on the server. From there players can send blessings to the happy couple. Whether they choose to send gold (which will be distributed equally among the couple) or just applaud, they will receive an appropriate EXP reward for their generosity.

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And the celebrations don't end there, as after the ceremony man and wife can share their affection for one another with a gift. Depending on the wedding chosen, each Intimate wedding box contains rewards that differ in value. Feeling loved up? Hurry and celebrate your Pockie Saint's romances today!

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About Pockie Saints

Pockie Saints is a fantasy online game with storylines and gameplay inspired by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. The unique gameplay sees players explore their own divinity, train and utilise various pets, tackle special instances, and use a magical Zodiac Match and Horoscopes system.

About NGames

NGames Interactive Limited is a leading entertainment company, specializing in the development, operation, and publishing of online social and browser games. NGames leverages its Game321 brand and takes advantage of its rich industry experience to promote an array of stunning games across the globe.

Over the last few years, NGames has established a large integrated entertainment platform,, and has achieved worldwide success with a number of popular games, including the award-winning Pockie Ninja series and Pockie Pirates, FoxLi Rush, Cyber Monster, Tales of Solaris, Wartune, Divines of the East, Brave Fantasy, and DDTank.



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