Joyhubs Sea Fighting Game Seven Seas Saga Introduces Team Play

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The seas are treacherous with evil pirates scattered among the salty water. If you go alone, you may be attacked and lose your precious cargo or even your very lives. Seven Seas Saga understands that the seas can get rough so they would like to introduce team play to all you landlovers and seadogs alike.

If you are in need of help or looking for friends to play with, you can now join teams allowing all players to work together to complete quests against the evil pirates within their dark lairs. Not only will the power of many help you in your travels, but players receive the same speed as their leaders, get additional bonuses to their ships speeds and receive shared experience points.

To create a team, players just need to find their friends in the game and add them using the in-game chat box or accept a team request from your friends in the game. It?s that simple. Once you are in a team, players can work together to complete tasks and quests throughout their daily journey. If you or others get tired of the team, they can quit a team at any time.

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About Seven Seas Saga:

Seven Seas Saga is a browser-based Pirate MMORPG that allows players to build their own pirate or trader ship and conquer the Seas with trading, pirate fights, and looting pirate treasure. Players can choose to trade cargo, fight against other players, fight pirates through many of the quests available every day and try to become the King of the seas.

About JOYHUBs:

JOYHUBs was founded in Oct 2012 as a leading publisher and operator of browser-based massively multiplayer online games. It is located in the gaming capital of China, Shanghai.

Our team consists of the most elite and experienced online game investors, operators and managers in China. We aim to provide a variety of high quality and fully-localized browser-based games to players of all ages from all over the world.



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