Have You Ever Tried These Naruto Games?

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As an anime fan, you must know Naruto. It is one of the best-selling manga series of all time having sold more than 126.5 million copies in Japan alone. Serialized in Viz's Shonen Jump magazine, Naruto has become one of the company's best-selling manga series.

As to me, Naruto is one of my favorite anime, and I've been watching it for almost 7 years. It seems not only me, but also the game developers are also like this anime. That's why we can see lots of games adapted from this anime now. Today I will introduce some excellent games based on Naruto. No matter if you're a fan of Browser games, Facebook Games or Mobile games, I'm sure you can find one you like here:

Browser Game

1. Pockie Ninja & Pockie Ninja II Original

Pockie Ninja is an anime-based browser game that features "One character, multi-classes", which changes the traditional notion that "one character can only play one class". In this game, you can choose from hundreds of cartoon characters, exclusive class and hidden skill.

And building on the groundbreaking, multiple award winning work on Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja II Original improves all the elements that made the anime-inspired RPG one of the surprise hits of 2011.

Pockie Ninja Screenshot

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

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2. Bubble Ninja

The Bubble Ninja is the first horizontal version of anime theme ninja action web games. "Bubble Ninja" set up in the mysterious world of Naruto, and learn the essence of the Japanese ninja culture, to focus on the operating and competitive experience as the main game purpose, interactions with friends is also one of the highlights of the Bubble Ninja.

Bubble Ninja Screenshot

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3. Anime Trumps

Anime Trumps is a free-to-play browser card battle MMOG, heavily inspired by anime, and very similar in play to the classic board game Bang. The game has 108 cards divided into Basic, Magic, and Equipment cards, which allows for four play modes. The goal of the game is to defeat other players and their hero cards through skillful use of your card heroes and powers.

Anime Trumps Screenshot

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