BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: July 15 to July 21

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Hi, guys, how time files. Another brand new week has come. Are you still losing yourself in the happy weekend. OK, it's time to wake up and pick up your work now, so do I. My current work is to select all the interesting news during last week for you. Just turn your eyes here and have a rest now, it's Weekly Wrap-up time!

Awesome or Awful? 10 Upcoming Movies Adapted from Games

It's common to see movies adapted from games recently. But in my opinion, it's not an easy thing to make a movie adapted from games. While trying to attract the movie fans, you have to make sure the gamers won't be disgusted with the movie. That's why it's rare to see any excellent movie adapted from games.

However, film directors are still trying their best to take more and more games to the screen. And recently I have collected some upcoming movies that are inspired by games. Is there any one you're looking forward to? Now just follow me:

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

The long-awaited movie World of Warcraft released some news recently. After Sam Raimi gave up directing this movie, Warner, Blizzard and Legendary Pictures have finally found the replacement: Duncan Jones, the director of "Moon", "Source Code".

Since now, we still haven't got any news about the detail storyline of this movie, but only some rumor that Johnny Depp may be the hero of this movie. Will it be true? Let's wait and see.

2. God of War

God of War

Just some days ago, I heard the news that God of War will be adapted into movie soon. According to Patrick Melton, one of the film makers, this movie will be shown in several series just like the game. The first series of this movie is mainly about Kratos' background and the origin of all the story.

3. Mass Effect

Mass Effect

Since the San Diego Comic Con, Legendary Pictures have posted some gossip in its official website and blog. We can believe that an anticipated movie will be shown soon.

It's said that in the movie Mass Effect, Shepard will not be a woman, and Seth Green, who is the dubber of Joker, will not play Joker in this movie. The most confusing thing is that in Legendary Pictures's blog, it said that this movie will not be based on any storyline of the game, but be a brand new story.


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