OP Grand Line New Revision with New Server Launched

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"OP Grand Line" browser game adapted from hit anime series "One Piece", will be revised on July 11 8.00am (GMT3). At the same time, opening a new server "Sunny". Players who like the King of Pirate, do not miss it.

OP Grand Line

This revision, not only retains the original smooth gaming experience, but also greatly enriched the game's characters effects. The skills of the role become more magnificent, more personal characteristics. Equipment with different enhanced level will have different halo effect display. In addition, many new quests have been added, more game objectives. Added up to as many as 38 revision content, allowing the players to integrate into the exciting storyline of One Piece.

OP Grand Line Screenshot

Besides, the game will not only increase many instances treasure, beli drop rate, but also reduces the difficulty of acquisition item from shop. Most players complained in the previous version about the difficulty in obtaining gold issue, in this version there is a marked improvement. Players can use the game beli to buy items that originally can only achieved with gold.

OP Grand Line Screenshot

Due to an excessive number of players, this revision, simultaneous opening of new server "Sunny", with five open service activities:

1. Single recharge rebate

During the event, every player that recharge 100 coins and above will receive gold bonus

2. Cumulative recharge gift package

During the event, all players as long as recharge accumulated to a certain amount of gold, will receive attractive gifts awards

3. Opening Shop Limited Time Special Offer

First 3 days of the opening of server, the shop will offer a grand sale, such as distinguished 6 months VIP card, Horse egg with super strong characters, magnificent angel wings. After sales, the prices of these items will be restored to the original price!

4. Opening Top Ranking Gift

During the opening, the top 10 players of Strength Power, Wealth, Pal's Value, Fruit Ability, haki will receive rich prizes.

5. Welcome Newbie Gifts

First login, accumulation online time, continuing daily login will receive luxury rewards

OP Grand Line Screenshot

So what are you waiting? Enter the OP Grand Line now, toward the route of One Piece, Let us shout together "I want to be the King of Pirate!!"

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