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NGames is thrilled to announce their new event for Tales of Solaris, Cross-Server War, launching warriors into a larger than normal arena that goes beyond the ordinary server limit.

NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the gaming portal, has announced the opening of a spectacular arena event for magical web MMO, Tales of Solaris.

Currently in open beta on the online games portal, Tales of Solaris combines RPG gameplay with classic anime elements and thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist; where the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger.

The new Cross-Server War gives warriors the chance to battle against stronger opponents, and in return gain some fantastic, ample rewards.

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In the new Cross-Server War, war zones are divided by the participant's time zones. Servers sharing the same time zone will be in the same arena, ensuring a fair environment. However, Cross-Server Wars are not for the faint hearted, and in order to guarantee that your opponents will be of impressive strength, warriors must have 8,000+ Combat Power in order to join the event.

The Cross-Server Waris based on ToS' in-game seasons. 3 weeks equates to a season, and a Cross-Server Warwill last one full season. Regular matches start from 21:00 till 22:00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and it is up to players to gain as many points as they can during the entire Cross-Server War. Each match is scored by a point mechanism, and NGames is giving a generous 1,000 points to every player at the beginning of the event. Every victory gains players 10 points, while each failure results in a 1% deduction on the overall score.

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Points gained during the event have a significant impact on a warriors gameplay. Indeed, the amount of points they have decide which competition venue they will be placed in next time round. Every 40 warriors will share a single arena, during which there are five battles where they can claim points. Points can also be exchanged for rewards, such as powerful Low Soul Crystal's and Numen Talismans.Rewards can be claimed for matches on Tuesday and Thursday, whereas double rewards are available on Saturday final battles.

Of course, any true warrior's ultimate goal is to reach the finals, which will be hosted on the third week of each season - Saturday, 21:00 to 22:00. A warriors place in the final will be qualified by the amount of points they have, and all successful warriors, who are in the top 32 point ranking, will enter the match from the main interface. While participants are not allowed to team up, they can challenge any other player. Win or lose, their HP and MP will both be filled.

To truly test the might of the finalists, the final is solely melee-based, and each qualified warrior will be given just three revival chances. These matches will be the ultimate showdown, to finally determine the strongest warrior of them all. Will you be the last hero standing, the champion of the arena? Participate and find out!


With six varied and exciting classes to choose; a plethora of items and equipment to customize characters; and systems specially designed to allow both groups and solo adventurers to enjoy the same gameplay experience; there is something for every player in Tales of Solaris.

Interested gamers can visit the new Tales of Solaris official website and play for free now:

Official Site:



About NGames:

NGames Interactive Limited is a leading entertainment company, specializing in the development, operation, and publishing of online social and browser games. NGames leverages its Game321 brand and takes advantage of its rich industry experience to promote an array of stunning games across the globe.

Over the last few years, NGames has become a strong brand in the gaming industry. It has established a large integrated entertainment platform, and has achieved worldwide success with a number of popular games, such as the Pockie Ninja series and Pockie Pirates. Additionally, the company has revealed an impressive set of other games, including FoxLi Rush, Cyber Monster, Tales of Solaris, Wartune, Divines of the East, Brave Fantasy, and DDTank. With its explosive expansion, the company is currently on its way into the mobile games market, and has already taken on projects of mobile games development.

Motivated by its passion and ambition in the gaming industry, NGames will continuously improve its brand image, form professional technical and management teams, deliver superior service to gamers, and release more addictive online games on multiple platforms.



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