NGames Reveal the Servant System of Divines of the East

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NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today detailed the Servant System of brand new free-to-play side-scrolling RPG, Divines of the East.

Currently in closed beta on the online games portal, Divines of the East is a free-to-play, 2D side-scrolling browser RPG that throws players into an ancient world brought to life with gorgeous, painstakingly hand-drawn graphics inspired by ancient Asian mythology. Strange and powerful creatures, Eastern-themed locations, and an exciting storyline are all awaiting players in Divines of the East; an RPG set to offer gamers a thrilling and truly unique taste of the Orient.

The mystical journey is best enjoyed with a team of loyal servants, who players can nurture into a powerful, attribute boosting team-mate. The system can be accessed by simply clicking the Servant button on the main page. From there, Servants can be customised, transformed, and possess Spirits to increase their attributes.

Divines of the East Screenshot

Divines of the East Screenshot

There are 6 types of servants to choose: Beast, Spirit Beast, Half-demon, Ghost, Rare Beast and Mythical Beast; and Divines of the East gives players a plethora of customisation options for ensuring their Servants suit their play style.

Servant skills are enhanced by finding and using Unseals, which unlock new abilities and strengthen the Servants core attributes. Every Unseal can affect a Servant in a unique way, allowing players to build a team with a range of specialities.

Divines of the East Screenshot

If adventurers decide their team isn't quite working, a Servant's Talent and type can be reset by using the Transform function on a Spirit. If a player has not unlocked a particular Servant type, it will be marked as sealed, but can be unlocked by purchasing the necessary items.

Divines of the East Screenshot

Divines of the East Screenshot

You can't conquer the Orient without practice first! In order to get the most benefit from Servants, players are advised to practice with them, either via free practice, quintupling practice or instant clear. Each of these allows a substantial amount of EXP gain as well as improvement in various attributes, which players can then take into the main Divines of the East adventure.

With careful exploration, players can even collect enough rare materials to redeem SSS Servants. SSS Servants are extremely strong, have highly improved attributes and impressive appearances. To obtain SSS Servant materials, players should use the Sennong Golden Egg – be sure to visit and get your hands on these eggs-elent Servants!

Divines of the East Screenshot

Divines of the East players are currently enjoying a plethora of clan features, including Territory battles, ANBU, craft masters, village building, quests, and more. Players are also free to visit the Arena, participate in PVP events, and take their place in the Daily Faction Wars, which see the Immortals face off against the Demons for control of the land.

Divines of the East Screenshot

Publisher NGames will be releasing more information in the coming weeks. Interested gamers are welcome to register now for a chance to join the Divines of the East beta tests.

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