New 1000 Announces Move to Private Server

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Pittsburg, KS - June 29, 2013 - One of the most common and fun ways to play is to interact in an online game. Unfortunately online browser based gaming can also be quite expensive with monthly fees for the game as well as fees for the use the site.

In addition, in most cases the user may also have to buy the game for each person who chooses to play.

Now those fees are bypassed and the online gaming aficionado still has the opportunity to play one of the most exciting games online. New 1000 AD, a browser based game which is free of charge offers online users exciting and interactive gaming that will keep them entertained and learning for hours.

New 1000AD, a web based, browser based game is historically based, offering multiple different civilizations to which the user may enlist. Having done so, creating a character which is part of a wide range of different historical eras, the users interact in the browser game creating their own civilization.

Interaction and excitement go hand in hand as users of New 1000 AD build their cities and towns, make alliances and enemies and go on to conquer their way across their new world. Expanding territories, crafting their way to more points and better chances, the New 1000 AD is not only an exciting and entertaining gaming experience, but also a learning experience.

At New1000 AD the games have grown a lot more exciting. Not only has the game undergone some unique changes and new ideas, but the move to private server promises a better playing experience for gamers. Faster gameplay with less server downtime!

New 1000 AD also introduces a new gaming blog, complete with help files and ideas that you and your family can enjoy.Interact on the new forums and learn more about how to play and why you'd want to at the official website at

To learn more about the online gaming world or New1000Ad, contact us at

Official Website at

Screenshots of New 1000 AD:

New 1000 AD Screenshot

New 1000 AD Screenshot

New 1000 AD Screenshot



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