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The amazing Chinese game —— Call of Thrones is a strategy MMORPG released by Yeepgame. Yeepers, are you ready for our toughest challenge in ancient China? Join us,Come on!

Hey Guys, just a basic knowledge of Zodiac on how to level it up and some personal recommendations as in what to do!

First of you Zodiac Tab, Located in your Character Tab accessible!

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Click your Zodiac Tab

Call of Thrones Screenshot

As you Click, another tab under zodiac will pop up on your screen

Notice there are a Few Key Features to this Tab

Zodiac Energy: Used towards your Daily Energy Limit to increase the level of you selected Zodiac Tier (This can be replenished via Pills bought from the Gold store)

Daily Usage limit: Each Day you can you 600 out of your 1000 Zodiac every towards increasing the level of your zodiac(This can be Reset Via Pills bought from the Gold Store)

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Different Zodiac Tier: You can to Choose a Tier which you want to Level and Progress in this is purely dependent on what the player see fit for his characters stats!(as you can see i went for the Leo Zodiac Cause it offers Attack, Def, Hp the 3 most common ones you will need for pretty much everything)

Zodiac Level: Gained By daily use of your Zodiac Energy

Enhancements upgrades: As you Level Up you Gain +10stat to your First 2 attributes and 84Hp as you Last(Important: This is Based on The Zodiac Sign you have picked it, My upgrades May defer from other players who have picked a different Sign)

Upgrade Tab: Once Clicked it will Consume 50 Zodiac Energy Per try till you Daily limit is reached( Daily Limit is set to 600 per day, Unless you reset this Via pills Bought from the Gold store)

Auto Study: As per Most Auto functions in this game this will automatically continue to upgrade and consumes Zodiac energy and pills to reset or refill your energy(it will only consume pill if you have the required pills to reset/refill your zodiac daily usage/energy). It will continue to do this till you are out of Energy/Pills or have Meet your Daily Limit of 600 Zodiac energy.

Call of Thrones Screenshot


OK the Most important thing to remember out of everything is you who will fail a lot of times per Level no matter how lucky you are!

Success Rate/Failed Accumulated Success: Both Work Hand in Hand to help you to Increase your Zodiac level! Roughly as per my Experience you Gain Level at about 29.08%- 30.80% and that small difference is based on your Luck you have that day! As your Levels increases you Success Rate per Try Decreases Making you use a lot more Zodiac energy to Gain Levels

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Thanks for Reading that is the Basic 101 to Zodiac and how to Level it! Just remember you can increase your Levels Faster Via buying Pills and Refill Elixirs from the Gold store under the zodiac Tab as shown in the Picture above!

Important Note

I am unsure how many Tries it takes to unlock a addition Zodiac Sign from what i understand each attempt consumes 600 Zodiac Energy per Try and Roughly requires 200-350 tries! so my Suggestion to you is unless you have the resources to be able to achieve this without too much trouble do so,other wise ignore it till you have raised you Zodiac level for your current unlocked Sign to Max.

Yeepgame is waiting for your coming!

About Call of Thrones

Call of Thrones is a 3D browser-based MMORPG that requires you download a mini-client before running the game on the web browser. The game was touted as the first Chinese browser MMO crafted in full 3D environment.

About Yeepgame Team

Yeepgame is one of the most potential and fastest developing game platforms mainly targeting in North America with our games portfolio of 6 browser games and over 20 mini games. We have been now getting over 500,000 registered user, 3,000 + unique visitors daily and 14 payment options. We celebrate holidays and festival with our players by holding diverse and special platform and game events. It's our goal to create a happy, free and relaxed game realm for all our gamers by keeping improving our work all the time.



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