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NGames detail the deep attribute-boosting pet system of the upcomingMMO inspired by the gods of Order, Chaos, and the 12 Zodiacs

Publisher NGames, operator of the online games portal, has today detailed the deep pet system set to reward player loyalty in Pockie Saints – an upcoming, graphically rich MMO inspired by the gods of Order, Chaos, and the Zodiac.

Pockie Saints, a new MMORPG coming soon to, puts players in the middle of an almighty struggle between Order and Chaos. When the Blade of Chaos crashes down to earth, Pockie Saints players must overcome unique divine challenges, tackle special instances, utilize various pets, collect medals, and master the Zodiac horoscopes in search of a Holy Blade capable of restoring peace to the world. Before it is too late.

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Pockie Saints players can raise a plethora of pets to assist them on their journey, each adding their own unique skills and attributes to battle. An integral part of the Pockie Saints experience, players receive their first pet as as a reward for completing the game's initial "newbie quest", which can then be summoned via the dedicated Pet Panel.

Pets are raised through Pockie Saints tactical battles, where they receive EXP and level up by killing monsters while also buffing their master with extra attributes.

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But a pet is more than a simple battle aide; low Joy levels and a lack of rest can render a pet useless, so players should carefully consider the task at hand and the health of their pet before summoning them into battle. From feeding them cookies to maintain their Joy levels, to ensuring they are well rested and that there enough rare Stones at hand for upgrades, pets are faithful companions that players must nurture throughout their Pockie Saints experience to get the best out of their abilities.

Players directly benefit from their pet's natural attributes during battle, with their base values (Attack, Defense, HP, MP, Hit, Dodge, Critical Hit, and Tenacity) transferred to the master at the start of a fight.

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Pockie Saints rewards players for being loyal to their pet, with new special skills and increased attributes available as they level up together. However, although the benefits of maintaining a single pet are vast, pet attributes and looks are upgraded randomly, meaning some simply do not compliment the look or battle style of their master as they grow older. Players always have the ability to release their pet in exchange for another, but doing so will permanently delete the pet. Not a decision to be taken lightly!


A bloody storm is about to sweep the continent. NGames will be releasing more information on Pockie Saints soon.

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