The Sennenryu Swoop into Pockie Pirates

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NGames addsa new dragon-tastic feature handing out daily rewards to players of the One Piece MMO

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is today excited to announce the introduction of rare "Sennenryu" dragons to award-winning free-to-play One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates. Players can help nurture the Sennenryu in exchange for daily rewards now on the online games portal.

Pockie Pirates is a licensed One Piece MMO that faithfully recreates the One Piece anime series. Players take on the role of a sea-faring captain sailing the famous Grand Line trail with their friends, seeking epic adventure and treasures as they quest to become the King of Pirates.

The mysterious Sennenryu (literally meaning "Thousand Year Dragon" or "Millenium Dragon") are rarely spotted, only returning to their nest once every 1000 years to give birth and die. But their importance on the Grand Line is unquestionable, with rumours that their bones can be extrac`ted to create an elixir capable of granting eternal youth.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

The Sennenryu have finally flown into Pockie Pirates and given birth, and the young dragons are in desperate need of energy and memory before they can take flight again.

Introduced as a new gameplay system in the recent Chapter 9 update, Pockie Pirates players Level 50+ can now summon Sennenryu dragons 10 times a day, feed them with energy to improve their memory, and reap the benefits of a new daily reward system for their efforts.

There are two types of Sennenryu for players to summon: Orange and Red. Red Sennenryu's are rarer and offer greater rewards, though players can guarantee they come face-to-face with one by becoming a VIP 5+ pirate and spending gold to summon them directly.

Once summoned, players feed the Sennenryu with gold to increase their energy and memory. Successfully inputting gold adds to a player's reward tally, which can be cashed in at the end in exchange for Silver, Prestige and Soul Crystals. However, feeding Sennenryu with energy is anything but a guarantee – sometimes the gold won't work, and other times the Dragon just doesn't feel like eating. Failing to feed the Sennenryu with gold will result in the player being locked out, adding a fresh risk/reward twist to Pockie Pirates' newest daily reward system.


Pockie Pirates: Chapter 9 – Era of Devil Fruit is now live, a free update bringing waves of new content to the award-winning One Piece MMO.

Interested players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321:

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