Khan Wars 5.5 Goes Live Now

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XS Software today announces that the new version of Khan Wars 5.5 is live now. Khan Wars is a free MMO war strategy game, and the publisher also reveals the new features of this game for players to take a preview.

I. Map hubs that generate resources and army when controlled by players. These hubs will spawn at a certain time during the course of the game round and present a side objective for players.

1. Map mines – will spawn on the World map and players will have to conquer and defend them in order to harvest resources at a certain rate. There are 5 types of mines:

  • a. Gold mine – produces gold depending on its level every 30 minutes
  • b. Iron mine - produces iron depending on its level every 30 minutes
  • c. Lumberjack outpost - produces wood depending on its level every 30 minutes
  • d. Wheat field - produces food depending on its level every 30 minutes
  • e. COIN mine – produces the game’s paid currency every 1 hour.

2. Mercenary camps – will spawn on the World map and players will have to conquer and defend them in order to produce army units. There are 5 types of mercenary camps:

  • a. Infantry barracks – infantry units can be recruited here
  • b. Archery range – archery can be recruited here
  • c. Stables – cavalry can be recruited here
  • d. Workshop – siege can be recruited here
  • e. Gladiator pits - special units can be recruited here

II. Knights will be able to lead armies on camp marches and participate in attacks sent from the camps

III. Around 200 new quests will be implemented in order to guide and provide side goals to the players during the course of the game round.

IV. Clean-up marches have been removed from the version. Players will be able to raise fallen army trough different mechanics like the Infirmary and Hire army features.

V. Infirmary building revamp – 20 upgrade levels (up from 10), each increasing the maximum wounded army units that can be healed there. After each battle a percent of the lost units will be brought back to the castle’s infirmary and can be healed in time.

VI. Upgrades for special units and noblemen – those units will have 10 attack and defence upgrades each that unlock their special 11th upgrade. Noblemen will get a little bit stronger and able to withstand lesser damage without dying.

VII. New navigational bar that is accessible from every game screen and provide basic info about the progress of marches, building construction, unit upgrades, army training and more…

Khan Wars 5.5 Screenshot

VIII. Game chat – the new navigational bar will also feature a game chat that will help players learn the game, find allies and forge new friendships.

IX. Khan wars will have 3 game modes with different rules:

  1. New – new features listed above will be playable in this mode – Khan Wars 5.5
  2. Classic – current version will be playable in this mode
  3. Retro – a visually refreshed version of Khan Wars 3.1 with small gameplay changes will be playable in this mode

X. Khan Wars 5.5 will feature a dynamic player dispersion system that will enable us to place registrations from every market in the same game world but group player position on the World map based on their nationality. This will create additional player interactions and lead to more gameplay diversity. Players will now be presented a fundamental choice – battle each other grouped in small clans or join forces in alliances and battle against players from other countries and cultures.



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