Tamer Saga: Flex Your Muscles in Colosseum

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The Colosseum as well as the daily Colosseum Contest has been introduced to the fantastic world of Tamer Saga for a long time. Level 50 or above players can dispatch their slaves to participate in the event. Here, PopPace team, the game publisher, was very willing to share more details about this distinct system for all fans, especially for new gamers.

Tamer Saga

By clicking the "Event" button on the top right corner of the game interface, all level 50 or above players can enter the Colosseum from 10:00am to 10:00pm each day. Players should make sure that they sign up to participate in the event before 6:00pm and they have one or more slaves when they sign up. Only the first 128 participants can successfully join the fun. After players successfully sign up, the system will give them a prompt if their slaves are rescued or captured by others. The slaves left in the squad at 6:00pm will be counted. If all of the participating slaves are rescued or captured before 6:00pm, players won't be able to participate in the event that day.

Both players and their participating slaves can receive abundant rewards according to their places on the ranking. Of course, players will receive more than their slaves. The awarded Colosseum Chest gives players a chance to receive a Kedge's Eardrop which can be used to increase Rage.

As the introduction of the Colosseum and the Colosseum Contest implies, slaves will certainly play a more important role in Tamer Saga. Why not enslave more and stronger players now and dispatch them to the Colosseum to flex their muscles? Why not revolt against your master to regain freedom so that you can enslave others for the rewards received from the Colosseum Contest? Well, just enjoy the new feature!

Tamer Saga is a browser-based anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. This simple yet exciting game offers immersive storylines and thousands of pets for players of all ages and skill levels, all without downloading a game client. Log in today and find out what all the talk is about.



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