Pockie Ninja II Original - Ancient Ninja Tools Update Honours the Tales of the Tragic

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NGames' Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece MMO welcomes four old faces with its newest update

NGames, a leading publisher of anime-inspired MMORPGs, has today detailed the upcoming Ancient Ninja Tools update for free-to-play Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece MMO, Pockie Ninja II Original.

Pockie Ninja II Original is a fully licensed Naruto, Bleach and One Piece MMO featuring storylines and characters from each of the popular anime series. The game allows players to step into the shoes of a plethora of their favourite anime characters during gameplay, thanks to an innovative outfit-based class system that sees players assume the role and associated powers of any character they own by simply equipping new outfits.

Pockie Ninja II Original

Coming soon, the Ancient Ninja Tools update welcomes four well known ninjas to Pockie Ninja II Original's world; all with one thing in common: their lives and abilities made other ninjas envious, but they ultimately suffered tragic deaths.

Itachi was the respected genius of the Uchiha Clan in Konoha village, but despite having everything to make other ninjas jealous, he was also a man of misery. Itachi endured a turbulent time both in life and in death. Commanded to massacre his own clan and perform undercover work in Akatsuki, he was eventually killed by his dear baby brother. But even in death he was not put to rest. Resurrected and turned into a killing tool by Kabuto, the only way Itachi could be stopped was by killing himself, removing the Reanimation Jutsu that brought him back. Ouch.

Pockie Ninja II Original

Hyuga Neji was born in the Branch House of the Hygua Clan. Neji was a better ninja than many others in Konoha village, but he was restricted by the Main House for much of his life. His tragic story of unrealised powers ended when was killed in the 614th episode of the Naruto anime series.

Pockie Ninja II Original

Asuma Sarutobi, son of the 3rd Hokage, attracted many girls with his manly whiskers, despite not being all that handsome. His marriage to the beautiful Kurenai Yuuhi, who teaches in the Konoha Village ninja school, was a feel-good story that made other ninjas jealous. But his happiness was short lived, and Asuma's tragic fate was sealed when he was killed by Hidan.

Pockie Ninja II Original

Gaara was arguably the most envied ninja in the land. Son of the 4th Kazekage and heir of the 5th Kazeage, Gaara defied his turbulent childhood to become a cool, powerful, and handsome ninja. However, his winning attributes were not enough to prevent his death. Upon becoming a Kazekage, Gaara was killed by Deidara, ressurected, and then later seckilled alongside the other four Kages by Madara in the ninja war.

Pockie Ninja II Original is a thrilling, completely free-to-play Naruto and Bleach MMORPG. Everybody is welcome to sign up and join the anime inspired fun now:

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About Pockie Ninja II Original

Published by NGames, Pockie Ninja II Original brings a significant advancement over 2011's smash hit, Pockie Ninja. The Naruto and Bleach MMO sequel is available in two versions – a dedicated standalone version, and a patched version rolled out over Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Ninja II Original features a massive new free-roaming world; thousands of updated quests and storylines; stunning new locations and graphics powered by the advanced engine 2.0; updated combat and clan systems; Zanpakuto blades; angelic wings; and much, much more.



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