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In most people's opinion, game means depravity. It's not only a waste of your time and money, but also harmful to your health. Is game really that evil and good for nothing?

I don't think so. And today I will show you 5 kinds of men who can benefit from games. Hard to believe? Just check below:

1. Infant


Most infants knew the world through games. When they were born, the first thing they got is their toys. And playing toys can help them exercise their brains. According to the research, the interesting inventive games can do a big help to develop infants' potential.

2. Student


Of course being addicted to the games may affect their study, but I'd say games are good for students in moderation. We can see that the academic burden on students is still very heavy, hands-on ability, innovation is not strong. However, choosing the right games and letting them play in moderation can be a great tool to help them avoid the stress from study as well as learning some computer and internet knowledge.

3. Office Staff

Office Staff

In modern society, the social competition gets more serious and work pressure gets heavier, every office staff undergoes extreme stress as from living. That's why they need some way to relieve their stress. And playing games is a good choice for them.

4. The Aged

The Aged

Many old men are fretting about declines in memory and the ability to process information quickly , and some games can easily solve this problem. More and more research show that playing games can exercise the brain, especially in preventing and curing the amnesia, dementia and some dementia. That's why we can see more and more aged men playing games nowadays.

5. The Depressed Patien

The Depressed Patien

A clinical studies from East Carolina University shows that the casual games without violent can reduce the depressive symptom by 57%. And after playing games for some time, The patients' anger and fatigue were all reduced.



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