The Propaganda Video of OP Grand Line Released

Date: May 10 2013 00:39:24 Source: Press Release Views:
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The propaganda video of OP Grand Line, the same title of the popular animation One Piece, released.

"OP Grand Line" which adapted by the popular animation "One Piece" has begun Open Beta Test without deleting archives on April 29. Today the latest promotional video has been released. Fans of One Piece will experience enthusiasm of One Piece through songs and film.

There is game screen and character animation in the video. A brief introduction of four characters in the game.

OP Grand Line

Zoro: a swordsman character. He has a lousy sense of direction. He attaches importance to friendship and loyalty. He always works hard toward the goal. He is a favor character of One Piece fans. In the game, he is a attacking type role. He has great attacking power and HP. He easily becomes the most popular character in the game.

Sanji: Superman character. He is a human chef, and doesn't eat the fruit of devil; however, he has super power beyond mortal. Under the dignity of chef, Sanji knows how to take care of partners, and sweet to lady. In the game, he is a team guardian with high HP and high defense, so that he may walk in the front ranks.

OP Grand Line Screenshot

Nami: Elementalist. Her strength is small and no devil fruit ability, but she has huge knowledge, and use nature principle to form all kind of magical natural attacking. In the game, she use long-distance magic attacking. She is the best representative of magical attacking.

OP Grand Line Screenshot

Robin: a erudite woman. In order to find out the historical truth, she is unstopping to search the historical texts. In order to protect her partners, she left the team. Eventually, she was rescued by Luffy. Concerning partners all the time and rich knowledge, she plays a role of recovering team member in the game. She plays an important role in a team.

This game is using Q version to present characters' style basically. We can see this through the game screen in the video. Bright color and animated moves make the game screen looking simple and fresh as the animation. The screen of multi-players challenge quests represents the possibility of team work among players.

OP Grand Line Screenshot

This game has entered into OBT without deleting archives stage. If you want to try this new game, you may login the official website (, and experience the great adventure.



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