New PAL Online Launching Its Second Beta on 16th May

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37wan has recently signed an agreement with Dream Square on exclusively operating New PAL Online in Taiwan. It's said 37wan will pay 10 million RMB for the exclusive operating rights. Besides, the Closed Beta Test (CBT) of the game in Mainland China will launch on May 16th, 2013.

New PAL Online
Picture 01–Xu Bin, CEO of Dream Square, was signing the agreement with Li Yifei ,President of 37wan

37wan spends 10M RMB to partner with Dream Square for the best New PAL Online

New PAL Online is a lineal MMORPG based on the Chinese Paladin series developed by the Taiwanese company Softstar Entertainment. Its executive director is Yao Zhuangxian. Since its debut, New PAL Online has won almost all of the Most Anticipated Game awards in the community. So it can be regarded as the top Chinese title focusing on immortal beings. Chinese Paladin series originated from Taiwan. As a result, Taiwanese media has been paying much attention to it and Taiwanese players have been looking forward to it as well. Likewise, 37wan believes NEW PAL ONLINE will have a promising future in Taiwan. That's why they spend 10 million RMB to buy out the exclusive operating rights in Taiwan. LiYifei, the President of 37wan said they would do everything they can to bring the best New PAL Online together with Dream Square.

New PAL Online
Picture 02-Dream Square CEO Xu Bin and 37wan President Li Yifei

Xu Bin, the CEO of Dream Square, regards himself as a big fan of the Chinese Paladin series. "New PAL Online is just like my own daughter. I've been trying to give all my best stuff to her. I feel as if my daughter is getting married today when I am signing the agreement on the exclusive operating rights in Taiwan." He said humorously. Because of his strong love over the series, Xu Bin has been polishing New PAL Online together with the development team time and again the past 4 years. The game has cost them much more resources than most browser based games. "Usually, a browser base game can be completed within one year or even half a year. But New PAL Online cost us 4 years and 50 million RMB. We suffered innumerous hardships in the development. To avoid devaluing the Legend of Sword and Fairy series, we have been polishing New PAL Online and postponed its debut time and again. We know it is suffering to wait for its debut. We are really pleased to say thanks to all of the players who have ever paid attention to New PAL Online. Fortunately, good news comes that New PAL Online will debut very soon." Xu Bin said.

Xu Bin emphasizes that New PAL Online is an important part of their strategy of developing games based on famous cultural brands. Since 2012, Dream Square has begun a strategic transition and carried out the strategy of developing and operating games based on famous IP. Since then, Dream Square has gained the online game rights of Little Ali, Qin's Moon, and other famous Chinese works including console games, animated images, animated cartoons, and so on. In the future, Dream Square will also aim to the online game rights of movies, TV series and novels. "We hope to set a new benchmark for Chinese browser based games to subvert their vulgar and low-quality image. We will produce more fun titles based on authorized brands and fertilize the brands, reaching a win-win goal. New PAL Online is a very nice staring point. It has revitalized the ancient Legend of Sword and Fairy series." Xu Bin said.

After modified for several months, New PAL Online will be accessible on May 16th.

Since the Alpha Test finished, 10 major modifications have been applied to New PAL Online. A large amount of the title fans have been looking forward to the game. Though the latest test for New PAL Online will launch on May 16th, we are eager to unveil some of the modifications in advance. Anyway, the development team will never stop polishing the game.

New PAL Online Screenshot
Picture 03–An intense combat in the CBT version

New PAL Online Screenshot
Picture 04–An intense combat in the CBT version

CBT official website goes live, providing information more directly.

After long-term preparations, the official website for the upcoming Closed Beta Test of New PAL Online has been accessible. The website will have a guiding main page, on which the protagonist is Chong Lou the King of Devil who is very familiar to fans of the title. On the page, you can create an account fast, log into the game, download plug-ins, activate your account, claim gifts, and so on. As well, on the official website, the news section will provide information more directly.

New PAL Online
Picture 05-New official website with Chong Lou as the protagonist

The Closed Beta Test of New PAL Online will launch on May 16th, introducing 10 major modifications. This time, you are the protagonist, your destiny is all up to you, you will experience everything, and you will make yourself a unique legend!

This time around, you are exactly the protagonist!
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