City of Dragon Launches the First Server

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Enthusiasm for City of Dragon continues to grow with the launch of the first server for this browser-based action MMORPG in Singapore and Malaysia as of today. The joint publisher, Dream Square and CIB, are proud to announce that players will be able to play on the new server to head into fast paced combat and live out the thrills of the exciting game play with an intriguing plot in a vibrant world full of fantastic adventures delivered right to your web browser.

City of Dragon is a fantasy browser based game that combines the best elements from action RPGs and martial arts. It has a grand worldview and offers enjoyable and exciting quests to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience with a wide range of truly unique and innovative features to evoke the excitement of playing action games with real time interaction. City of Dragon describes itself as a seamless combination of real time battles and fantasy adventures to feature beautifully stylized magic animation and an immersive MMO world where players engage in a wide variety of fights and become true heroes. With the first server rolling out, I am going to unveil the new list of features to let players discover a more entertaining gaming experience.

Auto Path-finding

Besides the handy operation, City of Dragon incorporates an auto path system to automatically generate pathing solutions and provide players with the fun of automatic path-finding. The development team has gone to great lengths to make the system easy to use by clicking the target NPC to the destination.

Spirit Defense

When players advance their characters all the way up to level 10, they can find the Spirit Ambassador to power-level the character's spirit. Defense will be much stronger as the character's spirit rises to a higher level.

Furnace System

City of Dragon features a furnace system to offer diversity in crafting options with a blend of enhancement, refinement, combination, removal and prayer. Players can easily see themselves craft weapons or armor to enjoy some depth in their customizable crafting experience.

World BOSS Monsters

The evil BOSS monsters in City of Dragon like to play hide-and-seek with players. They will find their way to players and jump upon them to unleash a ferocious surprise attack. Players have mixed feelings toward these monsters as they are terrible and difficult enemies to deal with but will drop items and equipment once killed. It is definitely worth investing time in fighting against them to steal epic loots.

VIP Boss Hall

If players feel frustrated and stressed in battles against world BOSS monsters, they can gain access to the VIP Boss Hall to explore the dungeon and win plenty of EXP, gold and elite equipment. Opposite parties can engage in PVP combat with each other in the dungeon. Stay alert at all times when fighting against a dungeon BOSS.

The new server opened at 3:00 pm on May 8th, 2013. City of Dragon will be a dazzling feast for the eyes and ears.

A brand-new and exciting experience is here for you!
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City of Dragon Screenshot

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