BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Apr. 29 to May 5

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Hello, everyone, It's Monday again, time to wake up and say goodbye to your sweet weekend now. Before starting your work, do you still remember how many new/funny things have been brought forth on BBGsite during last week? It doesn't matter if you forget some of them, since I will select all of them here in this Weekly Wrap-up! Just turn your eyes here and take a rest now:

Recommended New Browser Games in May 2013

As usual, at the beginning of this brand new month, we will introduce some excellent new games to you. Do you still remember all the new games the developers brought to us in last month? Is there any game you like?

1. OP Grand Line

OP Grand Line is an MMOPRG web game. The game screen is a bright and cute style with fluent moves and animation. To reproduce all classic characters on ONE PIECE. The game features no level system. The strength of character depends on personal reward amount. The game storyline is based on the original works basically. Player can hear the conversation with NPC and background music. Player will experience the atmosphere of adventure. Player can develop his own partners through all characters on ONE PIECE, and challenge all quests with your partners. As long as working hard, you can gather your dream pirate group, and step forward to be the first pirate of the world.

OP Grand Line Screenshot

2. The Lost Titans

The Lost Titans gives players a fresh take on old mythological tales. As a newly trained Warrior of Light, characters that players control, players must find their way through an epic, continuous storyline, inspired by real Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythologies. Journeying through the world of Aristos, players are tasked with saving their Titan Ruler, Hyperion, and the land, from Titan Ophion's destruction and betrayal.

The Lost Titans Screenshot

3. Tales of Laputa

Combining MMORPG gameplay with classic anime elements, Tales of Laputa thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger. As a member of the Order – a society of heroes established to safeguard Laputa - players not only face an epic struggle against notorious Bandits vying to overthrow the island, they must also seek to reveal the true history of Laputa and finally lead the City of Sky into a new era of peace of prosperity.

Tales of Laputa Screenshot


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