Appirits Released Sacred Orb Quests and Other Changes in Einherjar

Date: Apr 24 2013 23:56:24 Source: Press Release Views:
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Tokyo, Japan - April 24, 2013 - Recently Appirits, the Japanese publisher of the turn-based browser game Einherjar: The Viking's Blood has announced some brand new quests and changes for Einherjar players since 24 April 2013 GMT+8.

Einherjar: The Viking's Blood

After the said date, 4 new correlated quests will be available for players at the bar in Hedeby City. They need to complete the first quest to receive a Sacred Orb then use it for next quests in order to receive valuable God Blood Crystals. Blood Crystals are very rare items that can boost certain stats of an Einherjar warrior. Odin, Thor and Freya Crystals are stronger than Valkyrie Crystals so those updated quests are certainly beneficial for players.

Morover, there will be no time limit for the 4 new quests so players can go for them anytime they want.

In addition, the game publisher has decided to reduce constructing and upgrading time for in-game buildings by 75% to help boosting players? progress in developing and expanding lands. Otherwise, players still can use Power to boost the time of acitivity to quickly gain the levels of their wish.

Einherjar: The Viking's Blood is a browser-based game combining smooth turn-based tactic and RPG elements that let players start as a Viking leader and strengthen their Viking clan. They must train armies through numerous battles and master tactics for each type of map to subjugate many opponents and forge a vast empire!


  • Free to play
  • Browser based, no need to download or set up clients
  • Turn-based tactics with RPG elements
  • Diversified character classes of heroes and braves
  • Powerful guild system which enable players to gather for battles
  • Unique colonial wars with valuable prizes
  • Sukumi relationship (Axe is strong against Spear, Spear is strong against Sword, Sword is strong against Axe)
  • Lifelike aging of characters (characters can die of old age)
  • Marriage & birth
  • Exceptional 'cold sleep' function



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