Everlight is Back! And This Time it's Stable

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After to some stability issues with Everlight's first Open Beta Server, fixes and improvements have been made, putting Everlight back on the Fantasy MMORPG Map!


Hong Kong - April 18, 2013 - As can often be the case with MMORPGs; glitches, bugs and stability issues can plague the games and be an ongoing source of frustration for players, if not addressed quickly by the game's developer. After a successful CBT, Everlight, a browser-based fantasy action role-playing game (ARPG) from Koramgame, looked like it would have a smooth transition to the open beta servers. Unfortunately this was not the case and shortly after the first server opened last month, it quickly became clear that there were some stability issues with Everlight's first open beta server.

According to reports from Koramgame, the stability issues were partly due to an unexpectedly high number of players trying to play on the first server and also due to some faults with the server's hardware. Since identifying these issues the Koramgame team has worked tirelessly in an effort to resolve Everlight's stability issues as quickly as they can and bring this popular new release back to its fans in all its (stable) glory.

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After a lot of hard work and dedication to the cause it seems that Koramgame have solved Everlight's stability problems and in the process have demonstrated the commitment they have to ensuring their games meet the standards expected by today's gamers.

There are now two servers open for Everlight and since the fixes have been made, there have been no reports of major stability issues. For more information on Everlight and you can also head over to the official Everlight website: or head over to the Facebook fan page for all the latest news and events at

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Everlight takes place in an ancient fantasy world where lost civilizations, myths and legends aren't hearsay, but an everyday reality. Choose from 4 unique classes-Mage, Oracle, Warrior or Ranger-and hack and slash your way through the lost city of Atlantis to unravel the truth behind your lineage. In-game customization features such as the Transcendence and Horoscope system lets players tweak and quest in their own desired style. A titanic journey awaits; are you ready? Visit the Everlight website for even more information on this hotly anticipated action-role playing game.

About KoramGame

KoramGame Ltd. is a leading developer and publisher of online games. Founded in 2008, and with offices in the USA, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China, KoramGame Ltd. is dedicated to bringing the best games to players across the globe. With a focus on game quality, strong communities and speedy customer service, KoramGame Ltd. delivers the greatest possible online entertainment experience worldwide. For more information on all KoramGame Ltd. products visit



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