Brave Warriors Needed to Defeat the Epic World Bosses of Wartune

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NGames detail the massive World BOSS events that all players can join in the new strategy/RPG-hybrid MMO

NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the portal, has today detailed the massive World BOSS events that call upon entire worlds of players in new free-to-play strategy/RPG-hybrid MMO, Wartune.


Featuring single and multiplayerdungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild system, and...farming; Wartune is a new online game from publisher NGames that combines fan-favourite features from a multitude of multiplayer gaming genres and wraps them all up in foreboding fantasy setting.

Currently in open beta,Wartune features massive World BOSS battles that call upon entire server populations of warriors to band together and all fight the same demonic enemy.

Brave players can attack World BOSS events at fixed times every day; a different over-sized demon showing up every time. The rewards for joining World BOSS battles are vast, with bags of Daru and Gold up for grabs for every player involved.


The epic World BOSS battles are completely free for players to enter; any soldiers, HP, potions, etc. spent on BOSS fights are instantly refunded after respawning. Lower level players may die after one attack, but with no risk and plenty of Gold and Daru on offer, it's always worth taking a chance and helping the hundreds of other warriors deplete the World BOSS's health.


Wartune begins alerting players 15 minutes prior to a World BOSS event becoming available, so there can be no excuses for missing out. Warriors entering the battle campaign will be joined by hundreds of others, all trying to topple whatever massive demonic beast they find marauding the campaign area.

During World BOSS events the top 10 damage dealers are displayed for the entire world to see. The top 3 players, and any players whose accumulative damages to the BOSS exceed 1% of the total HP, are rewarded with exclusive gifts on top of any Gold and Daru earned.

Players can take advantage of Wartune's World BOSS battles while not even playing the game. A new automated "Stand-in" feature has been added by publisher NGames, allowing players to reap the benefits of fighting a World Boss without lifting a finger.


The "Stand-in" feature allows players to purchase a substitute character for World Boss battles, which will fight the boss battle for them while they spend time performing other in-game tasks. This makes it possible to line up World Boss battles before going off-line, or just free up more time to pursue Wartune's many other exciting events and quests. However, use of the automated character means any damage inflicted will not count towards the world rankings, locking players out of the chance to claim the top prizes and bonus rewards on offer.

Wartuneis a new hybrid MMORPG currently in Open Beta on the portal. Interested players can create a warrior and join the action now:

Official Site:



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