Tamer Saga: New Server Opening

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PopPace team, the publisher of Tamer Saga, was very glad to announce that the 42nd server called Orc Leader Kratos has been available for all fans after 6:00pm April 16th GMT-8. Meanwhile, PopPace team also prepared a series of thrilling events for their devoted fans. More details are as follows.

Event One: Limited Free Gift Codes

PopPace team is very pleased to give away a limited amount of gift codes which can be used to claim [Small HP Orb]*10, [Double Exp Scroll]*10, [Full Repair]*10, [Teleport Scroll]*10, [3-hour Summon]*1, and [Daily Quest Scroll]*1. Don?t miss the chance out.

Event Two: Gifts for Guilds

Tamer Saga features a powerful guild system to boost up players? interaction. From the guild, players will receive a lot of benefits. PopPace team will also offer extra cool gifts to guilds that hit level 3 within 7 days from the debut of the server. Each eligible guild will be able to claim different shares of gifts depending on their guild?s level. Each share contains [Great Crystal Pack]*5, [Pet Slot Scroll]*5, [Soul Summon]*5 and [Pet Potion Pack]*1.

Event Three: Top the Boards to Win

Be one of the top 10 on the in-game boards at the right beginning of the eighth day from the debut of the server to win something really good.

Event Four: Rewards for Voucher Purchase

Players will receive the certain rewards depending on the amount of Vouchers they purchase for the first time. For example, if players purchase 16800 Vouchers for the first time, they will receive [Huge Crystal Pack]*4, [Double EXP Scroll]*20, [Pet Slot Scroll]*8, [Gold Card]*50 as well as [Element Card]*4. If they purchase 315 Vouchers, they will win a Mini Superman which can be transferred into an extremely strong combat pet. Additionally, players will receive the certain rewards twice for their first voucher purchase. Also, purchase Vouchers within 7 days from the debut of the server, then players will win a certain amount of Vouchers as their reward depending on the amount of Vouchers they purchase at the moment.

Event Five: Resource Deposit Contest

The resource deposits contain tons of Gold, Elements and even mystic stuff, but only the guild squads are able to occupy these deposits. By occupying a resource deposit, the guild will gain a lot of Gold and Elements, and all guild members can dig treasures from the deposit time and again. Go to occupy a resource deposit and players will also have chance to win some gift codes which can be used to claim [Savvy+1]*5, [Lesser Heritage Scroll]*5, [Elixir of Power]*1, [Elixir of Defense]*1, [Elixir of HP]*1, [Speed Potion]*1, [Elixir of Crit]*1 and [Elixir of Speed]*1.

Event Six: Limited Offers

From 6:00pm April 16th to 6:00pm April 23th, GMT-8, all players have a chance to buy the available limited offers within 7 days from the server debut. Those items can be sold only once.

Tamer Saga is a browser-based anime-style RPG brought by PopPace. This simple yet exciting game offers immersive storylines and thousands of pets for players of all ages and skill levels, all without downloading a game client. Log in today and find out what all the talk is about.



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