How Much Do You Know About the Dual Client Games?

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How much do you know about the Dual Client Games?

Since 2012, we can see "Dual Client Games" bursting into our eyes. As the name implies, Dual Client Games are the games you can login from both browser and client. But, did you ever look deep into these games and see those secrets behind them?

Gates of Andaron

Some dual client games are just for attracting users?

In recent years, with the rise of browser games, more and more client games are changing into "micro client games", which made it much easier to start the game.

And since 2012, the development of browser games entered a bottleneck stage. To find a better promoting way, the publishers are turning to client games and made an attempt to package their web games as client games, with the purpose of attracting client game players.

There isn't much difference between them

In fact, there isn't much difference between client games and browser games, and we can call them "PC Games". Maybe the only difference to distinguish them is how you enter the game: you enter browser games from your browser, and you enter client games from the client you installed. Maybe in near future, you will not see "browser games" or "client games", but only "PC games" instead.

Fast Game and Slow Game?

So how you think about the browser games and client games? As far as I know, the earliest browser games were made for those people who have money but not much time, most of them are office staffs. So the developers made those browser games "fast game": fast developped, fast learnt, fast paid, and lost players fast as well. Of course these games' ARPU are quite high.

On the other hand, the client games can be called "slow games". They have deep gameplay, which need a long time to learn. Most client games need a long time to develop, test, download, even the time you spend in leveling up is long, too. If the "fast game" is earning money in a short time, then "slow game" is a long-term profit.

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

So what's the difference between "fast game" and "slow game"?

Development: It's easy to make a "Fast game", most basic features can be made just by a main program. And the "Sow game" needs lots of program from engine to features, which means it takes a long time to develop.

Operation: As a gamer, you must have seen one browser game in many platforms. It's normal that several publishers operating one game at the same time. But it's rare to see it in client games.

Graphic: To reduce the loading time, most browser games minimize their data, which result in a poor graphic quality. Meanwhile, since all the data of client games are downloaded in your PC, they can be read in a short time, so the graphic can be crafted.

Gamepaly: Most fast games have easy gameplays. It doesn't need a long time to learn the game, all you need is just clicking your mouse to pass the newbie period. And the systems in these "fast games" are just for gathering money. What's more, you can hardly find any interactivity in fast games.

What about the "slow games"? In my opinion, they are much more complicated, and it has a well-designed interactivity.

Wizard 101 Screenshot

VIP system: You can see the VIP system in most browser games, and the VIPs can play the game much easier than those common players. However, in client games it's much fair to all the players.

After all, we can not judge a game just because it's a browser game or a client game. Since both of them are born for meeting the gamers' need. And there are also excellent games in both of them. At last, hope you can find the game you loveJ



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