Tata Blitz Steps Into The Ring With Boss Byson

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April 12th, 2013 -, a leading provider of online games, today unveiled the first of numerous boss background stories for their new and exciting free to play browser-based 2D third person shooter, Tata Blitz. With a lively and comical cartoon style and featuring a variety of interesting maps, characters, weapons alongside both PVE missions and PVP modes, Tata Blitz is ready to storm onto the international stage! Visit for more information.

December 21 st, 2012: Doomsday did not arrive as predicted. Or was it simply on a different schedule? The agents of evil were at work, quietly destabilizing the work of Team Sneak and Tata Blitz. As part of this plan, the muscular Byson was recruited. But was he always an evil character?

December 24 th, 2012: Byson sits on the floor of his gym, propped up against the scarred walls. A bottle of strong alcohol dangles in his hand as he guzzles down the booze alone. He looks around the once-proud gym that he is the sad owner of, now closing down due to a string of mismanagement. Tipping the bottle up to his mouth and finishing it off, he throws the bottle violently across the room. Staring at the smashed bottle with Christmas carols jingling merrily outside, he throws his head back and roars to the sky,


To Byson's surprise, an answer came from the darkness… "The Doomsday will come. Will you become an Envoy of Doomsday?"

Byson's eyes glazed over, and in an eerie, mechanical tone he replied "Yes, I will."

Immediately following his response, a beam of light shone down and engulfed Byson. His painful screams echoed through the empty gym, and he was paralyzed by the changes going on inside him. As the light faded, Byson slowly wobbled to his feet, and looked in a mirror, amazed. Blood red eyes stared out at him; tall and broad of shoulder before, he was now a muscular giant. Feeling power filling his new body, Byson jabbed out at a nearby sandbag, watching it explode at the hard punch. With a sadistic smile and a truly maniacal laugh, he roared out in the silence,


To learn more about the game and watch for an open beta date visit or follow the game on Facebook at

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