Wartune Update Brings New Features & Troops to Beta Players

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Music to the ears of new strategy/RPG-hybrid MMO from NGames

NGames Ltd, a leading publisher of online games and operator of the portal, has today announced the introduction of a new, feature-packed update to free-to-play strategy/RPG-hybrid MMO, Wartune.

Featuring single and multiplayer dungeons, PvP arenas, competitive battlegrounds, thousand-player boss battles, a robust guild system, and...farming; Wartuneis a new online game from publisher NGames that combines fan-favourite features from a multitude of multiplayer gaming genres and wraps them all up in foreboding fantasy setting.

Currently in open beta, players are stress-testing all aspects of Wartune's post-apocalyptic world ahead of the game's commercial release later this year. The new update introduces a raft of requested features, all of them available for players to test now.

Wartune Screenshot

A new automated "Stand-in" feature has been added to the World Boss battles, allowing players to reap the benefits of fighting a World Boss without lifting a finger – unless it's to count the ridiculous amounts of Gold and Daru they'll be earning!

The "Stand-in" feature allows players to purchase a substitute character for World Boss battles, which will fight the boss battle for them while they spend time performing other in-game tasks. A handy tool for the time conscious, the feature can even be used to line up a World Boss battle before going off-line. However, use of the automated character means any damage inflicted will not count towards the world rankings, locking players out of the chance to claim the top prizes and bonus rewards on offer for defeating a World Boss. Its up to the player to decide whether they want to accept the basic rewards from a Stand-in character and spend more time on other tasks, or go all-in on the World Boss battles themselves for the full haul of goodies.

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Less time spent with World Bosses means more time to explore Wartunes exciting dungeons and quests. Introduced with the update, "Dungeons of the Spire" is an all-new challenge that players can tackle with friends. Using a new ladder system, players lvl.46+ can team up and storm the Spire head-on, seeing how far they can progress in return for bags of rewards. More dungeon selections will be added to the ladder soon.

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To assist in battles of all shapes and sizes, players will be able to take control of the dark side with two brand new troop types: Templar, and Warlock. Available at level 50, both of the new types have been revived from Wartune's endless abyss, enabling them to manipulate the power of darkness to their advantage. Templar and Warlock troops are a powerful addition to any army, but they won't simply join anybody who wants them. Troops as strong as these only recognize warriors capable of becoming the lord of the world.

Wartune Screenshot

The update also adds a much-requested Title feature to Wartune, which lets players track and show off their heroic in-game achievements. Players earn titles by filling certain criteria, such as being ranked Top 10 in Wartune's Battle Rating Rankings; making huge contributions to the wealthiness of their guild; or being the number #1 rated player in the game with a specific type of weapon. Using the new Title Info option in the profile screen, players can now easily display one of their acquired titles with pride and freely switch between them.

Wartune Screenshot

Wartuneis a new hybrid MMORPG currently in Open Beta on the portal. Interested players can create a warrior and join the action now:

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