The Lost Titans Enters Next Beta Phase on April 18

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Currently in closed beta, The Lost Titans will enter its second beta phase on April 18, adding a host of content and feature updates. Intertwining Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythologies, The Lost Titans (free-to-play browser MMORPG) sends players on a mythological journey through the world of Aristos to save their Titan Lord Hyperion and restore order to the land in the wake of Titan Ophion's destruction.

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The Lost Titans launched its initial Beta phase on November 29, 2012, collecting player feedback that has resulted in many additions and improvements to the game. With this next phase players will see a more balanced in-game economy and better localization, along with new content, including:

  • Additional Pets and Mounts
  • GM and In-Game Events
  • New Tutorials
  • New Bosses
  • Expanded VIP Level
  • New Player-vs-Player (PvP) Features

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Additionally, ZQGame is celebrating Easter and April Fools' Day with a special Troll Week collection of in-game events and sales, including:

  • Easter Bunny's Nest Egg: Buy two, get one free for all Gold purchases until April 2.
  • Me N' My Buddy: Fool your friends into believing you are BFFs with World Boss or Artifact Thief by capturing a screenshot of your character with them in-game. Post the shot on the forums to earn rewards -- bonus points for Photoshop creativity!
  • Hide and Shriek: Stripped of all gear like a true Olympian, players will have 60 seconds to hide from the participating GM in the PvP Zone of the Arts. If they're spotted, they must run or stay hidden, as the GM will attempt to kill all players in sight.
  • Faction Feuds: Parodying the family trivia show, factions must come together to answer questions to earn points.
  • Troll Ophion's Forces: Ophion's troops have gathered covert intelligence about Aristos' Warriors of Light! To avoid having their identities and knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses exploited by Ophion's troops, players can rename their characters. Aristos will provide only one rename scroll, so players must choose whether they wish to change their name permanently or risk discovery.

The Lost Titans Screenshot

More information and specific timing for in-game events can be found here:



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