How to Make Fun on Fool's Day

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Happy Fool's Day

Hey guys, Happy Fool's Day. In this yearly festival, don't miss the chance to play a few pranks on your family, friends and coworkers. And do remember to take care of the played back on you! Today I'll show you some funny pranks, just check below:

Trick 1:

Click PrintScreen to take a screenshot of your friend/coworker's current computer desktop, and then replacing their background image with it. After you did it, just hide all the desktop icons. Now just wait and see when they back and attempt to left-click on anything, nothing will appear to happen.

BTW, you can also make a desktop about the virus warning on your own, and then use it to replace your friend's desktop background image. Just image what will happen:)

How to Make Fun on Fool's Day

Trick 2:

Just follow these steps to learn how to make your closestool bomb:

How to Make Fun on Fool's Day

Trick 3:

Do you know you can use a Mentos and a bottle of cola to make a pop prank? If you wanna try, just follow the step of this video:

Trick 4:

Turn the men's toilet to women's toilet in a second

How to Make Fun on Fool's Day

Trick 5:

Get a helium balloon, let your friend inhale it. And then let him/her speak.

How to Make Fun on Fool's Day

OK guys, do you have any other good prank? Don't hesitate to share it with us. Enjoy your Fool's Day and have fun↖(^ω^)↗



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