Gamewave Enters into Overseas Market & Targets at Light Games

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According to Sina, Gamewave Group, as one of the biggest web game operators in China, has officially launched its new strategy of "Light Games, Fun Times." Also, Gamewave released four RPG light games on March 6, including "My Heroes", "War Emblem", "Hei An Zhi Guang", "Heng Sao Tian Xia", which indicates that Gamewave has stepped into client-game industry.

It is said that Gamewave comes up with 4 concepts --- "convenient, buoyant, slight and comfortable" to define this new field when thinking about the rapid development of light games. These four concepts can be interpreted as logging in with muti-ends, downloading through micro-end, making full use of fragments of time and inheriting free atmosphere from browser games.

My Heroes Screenshot

Among these four games, "My Heroes" is a 3D MOBA Casual game. It tells a story that a bunch of fairies kidnaps princess of Red and Blue kingdoms. Gameplay involved in this game is quite simple with specific missions, and players can be free to change multiple professions by picking up different weapons. Moreover, "My Heroes" also has two modes of kidnapping princess and massive battles.

"War Emblem" is a MMORPG bi-end game with background of World War II, and it also has browser and mobile versions. In this game, players will act as soldiers and are free to choose to be shooters, marines and the likes to lead and fight in the World War II. All the roles players choose to take up will be trained by a talent system to be heroes, with strategic ideas in the battle. As for the battles across servers, players should improve themselves to win.

"Hei An Zhi Guang" is a 3D RPG bi-end game, telling a story that an ordinary people travels back to the Middle Ages to redress the distorted history. By way of combining with those raised pets, players defeat those notorious people in the history.

"Heng Sao Tian Xia" is a 3D bi-end game with Diablo-resembled features, whose background is set in the late Southern Song dynasty. Players are set to beat back enemies and protect the country. There are also several distinctive systems and modes designed for different players in this game.

From all this, we can see that Gamewave has adopted diversified strategy in the layout of game productions. All this four games have covered the recent popular forms of game, including MOBA, History and Action. Besides, "War Emblem", "Hei An Zhi Guang" and "Heng Sao Tian Xia"are designed on the notion of "light game", which provide bi-end versions and explore more platforms to cooperate.

In fact, seeing the rapid development of mobile and browser games, many companies have adjusted according to the current situation. For instance, Linekong, Shanda Games, Ztgame and ChangYou have respectively released the micro-end versions of "Xi You Ji", "Chuan Qi", "Zheng Tu" and "Tian Long Ba Bu", in order to reduce time-consumption for players and fit into the fragments of time. What Gamewave has done this time looks similar to what KunLun – another browser game company in China has done before, which is to transmit from browser and mobile games to multi-field and diversified development.



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