Tales of Laputa's Pet System Details Unleashed

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NGames lets the dogs out (and the dragons, plants, machinery, dolls, dragons, and elfs) and details the deep pet system awaiting players in upcoming magical web MMORPG.

NGames, a leading online games developer and publisher, has today unleashed new details regarding the deep pet system players can enjoy in upcoming magical web RPG, Tales of Laputa.

Combining RPG gameplay with classic anime elements, Tales of Laputa thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger.

Laputa is a perilous place, but a unique pet system will mean players always have a virtual friend to accompany them on their travels. Players will be able use a plethora of unique pets as battle companions - or just show them off to other players - as they quest across the game's open-world when Tales of Laputa launches later this year.

Tales of Laputa

There are 6 categories of pets available in Tales of Laputa: animal, plant, machinery, doll, dragon, and elf; each available in one of two types: Baby Pet, or Wild Pet. These pets are then placed into one of five different grades of strength: white, green, blue, purple, or orange (strongest to weakest attributes).

Wild Pets are the most common creatures roaming the lands of Laputa, and some of them pack a powerful punch. Nothing burns the opponent quite like a wild dragon. However, discovering and enhancing a Baby Pet will reap many benefits for players and allow them to participate in the Colosseum, where mysterious trials can be undertaken for huge prizes.

Tales of Laputa

Players can obtain pets in several ways. Pets can be earned by defeating and capturing monsters while traveling Laputa's dangerous world, or earned through time-limited events, where players might be lucky enough to stumble across a rare pet egg. Players can also earn a new pet by defeating Laputa's many dungeons – flipping cards at the end will open up the chance to steal a powerful boss pet egg.

Tales of Laputa

Rumor also has it that an ancient forbidden path exists somewhere on the outskirts of Laputa, and that a powerful dragon laid its eggs there not too long ago. Worth a look for any brave adventurer.

It is possible to own multiple pets at once, and players can just simply release them back into the wild if they are no longer needed.

Tales of Laputa is a brand new, magical web RPG launching later this year. Interested players can visit the Tales of Laputa official website and pre-register now:

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