Regret to Pay for the Game?

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As we know, you have to spend lots of money and time in the game to become a powerful player. Game is for fun, but do you feel pleasant after paying for it?

Many players must have deep feeling about the sentence "Impulse is devil". All kinds of promotion, glittering top gears, and various events in the game make you impetuous beyond yourself. But most players regret after accessing to the premium service. Can you tell me the reason?

Regret to Pay for the Game

First reason: tricked by so-called "flash sale"

"New Year Gift Pack, Rare Items and Top Gears, 3-day flash sale"! Should I buy the new gift pack? It's a pity to miss them, but I haven't used up the items in the previous pack. Finally, you paid for the new pack and you find that you have bought all the packs in the year. What's more hateful, the gears in the flash sale at that time quickly became outmoded and weak ones. A more fashionable and powerful gear is awaiting you in another greater promotion.

Regret to Pay for the Game

Second reason: spent by a "game mate"

There is a marriage system in most games. You can marry a stranger, explore the instances and chat with him/her together. Though you have never met each other, you still want to do everything for him/her. But will you regret when you find both of you are of the same gender some day?

Regret to Pay for the Game

Third reason: paid for little and cheap items gradually

"USD 1 for each gem, 2 for each weapon and 5 for each mount". They are very cheap, aren't they? You can buy them quickly and completely at one time. But many a little makes a mickle. Will you regret when you receive the bill in the future?

Regret to Pay for the Game



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