Browser Game Terminator: Tablet Games?

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Since Apple launched its iPad2, tablet has become a hot topic. Tablets bring incomparable pleasure which you cannot enjoy in other platforms though they are still to be improved in performance and decreased in price. Tablets are much more portable than notebooks. It will be a good choice to develop games on smart phones and tablets rather than on notebooks or desktops. The attempt of browser games also indicates that portability will be the pursuit of future games.

Browser Game Terminator: Tablet Games?

A new market should be a good choice for developers when they can seek nothing from the old one. Though it's not the end for MMOGs, other numerous casual games will change inevitably to adapt to current market. Browser games just play an experimental role this time. The destination of these games should be those mobile platforms including smart phones and tablets. Does it mean that games on tablets will become the terminator of browser games?

Someone says the pleasure from a tablet is incomparable with the browser games. Its portability and excellent gameplay will defeat all browser games. On the other hand, some also think that just like smart phones, tablets have their own market and different user groups, which have nothing to do with the market of browser games. So what do you think?

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