Sage Outfits Arrive in Pockie Ninja II Original

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Naruto, Bleach and One Piece MMO adds new Sage outfits with heightened abilities

NGames, a leading online games publisher and developer, has today announced the debut addition of Sage outfits to Pockie Ninja II Original - adding a new layer to the Naruto, Bleach and One Piece MMO's unique outfit-based class system.

Pockie Ninja II Original is a fully licensed Naruto, Bleach and One Piece MMO featuring storylines and characters from each of the popular anime series. The game allows players to step into the shoes of a plethora of their favourite anime characters at any time during gameplay, thanks to an innovative outfit-based class system that lets players assume the role and associated powers of any character they own by simply equipping new outfits.

Pockie Ninja II Original

The brand new Sage outfits are amongst the most powerful available in Pockie Ninja II Original's anime-inspired world. When Naruto was trained in Mount Myōboku, sage Fukasaku told him that sage art can make him stronger and faster. It was true. Sage outfits in Pockie Ninja II Original come with heightened abilities over the other outfit types, boasting increased strength, agility and stamina attributes to bless players with greater power.

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

By equipping Sage outfits, players can also unlock higher Attack, Block, Dodge and other attributes, as well as access powerful new Bloodline Limits. In addition to the increased base stats, players can harness the Bloodline of the Sage to further improve their characters abilities. Sage mode Jiraiya has a better bloodline limit than regular Jiraiya that's for sure, and although Naruto's Sage mode outfit may not match the power of his nine tails, it can still make strong use of chakra to gain the edge in battle.

Pockie Ninja II Original Screenshot

There are many more Sage outfits in Pockie Ninja II Original, each affecting the games Naruto, Bleach and One Piece anime characters in unique and mysterious ways.

Pockie Ninja II Original is a thrilling, completely free-to-play Naruto and Bleach MMORPG. Everybody is welcome to sign up and join the anime inspired fun now:

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