NGames Reveals New Web RPG - Tales of Laputa

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An epic adventure set in an anime world where magic and machinery coexist.

NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today announced a brand new, web RPG for 2013 titled Tales of Laputa.

Tales of Laputa is a web game, combining classic RPG features with anime elements. The game takes places in a continent where magic and machinery coexists. The continent itself, centered on Laputa, was once dominated by the demons and as their power increased, the land they ruled spread skyward.

Tales of Laputa

Demons, led by Demon King Sardin resided high above the humans, where they had access to clean air, sunshine and endless energy. However, to maintain order, demonsunlocked the “Fissure” connecting to Another World and summoned monsters that broughtdeath, adversity and destruction to the continent.

Tales of Laputa

A few desperate humans survived and met the God of Morias. The powerful and kind God taught humans the knowledge and skills to aid them in defeating the demons. When Laputa collapsed, the rocks fell from the sky to the land and ocean, burying the Altar of Demon Magic, freeing humanity and banishing the Demon King and his followers to the Fissure.

Tales of Laputa

The God selected a group of devout disciples with which he established The Order. The Order was given control of the new Laputa before the God of Morias left the continent.

Now 500 years has passed and a group of Bandits are plotting to overthrow the continent. Can the Order protect Laputa from this new destructive force?

Tales of Laputa

Players join as a member of the Order and battle the Bandits while seeking to reveal the true history of Laputa, leading the City of Sky into a new era.

Join your friends and help create an organization even greater than the Order of Morias.

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