ISOTX Confirms Rumors of Their New Triple-A, Turn-based Strategy Game: Game X

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Utrecht, Netherlands - March 4, 2013 - ISOTX today confirmed rumors of the development of a new high production value, turn-based MMO. The game, which goes by the working title of Game X, is to be released in Q2 of 2013.


Start a game on your PC, then seamlessly pick up the same game on your tablet - without ever noticing the difference! Experience the exact same game on all supported hardware platforms, featuring stunning Hollywood style 3D graphics, gorgeous maps, vibrant soundscapes and a unique blend of RTS and TBS gameplay that will keep you hooked.

Game X Screenshot

Game X is set in a 1940s dieselpunk setting where multiple factions compete for world domination. Each faction has their own background, motivations and abilities, and players can specialize or switch between them. The 1940s dieselpunk setting of Game X is the perfect opportunity for the deviant designers at ISOTX to introduce some truly twisted dieselpunk flavour to the factions, all of which are intoxicatingly different from the traditional Axis and Allies factions of World War II.

Game X brings Triple-A production values to the TBS format. Players can savor the rich tactical challenges typical of a TBS game, while also enjoying the high production value battles compete with immersive 3D effects, unit movement and audio-visual bombast usually reserved for first-rate RTS games!

Game X will be released for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, with players being able to play the same game on any device at any time. Start a game on your PC, and finish it on your tablet in the train - and your friends' or opponents' platform doesn't matter either, as Game X supports full cross-platform functionality across all four platforms for both PvP and co-op.

Game X Artwork


ISOTX is a publisher and developer focused on war games. Founded in 2005, ISOTX started with creating mods for Command & Conquer: Generals and Half-Life 2. Now, using cutting-edge technology, ISOTX creates highly detailed and visually stunning action and strategy games. The company's portfolio includes games such as the FPS/Tower Defense game Iron Grip: Warlord and the free-to-play turn-based strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders.



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