Pockie Pirates Presents: Jinbe

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A powerful new pirate available for recruitment

Online games developer and publisher, NGames, are proud to introduce Jinbe of the Shichibukai to the browser-based One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates.

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Jinbe is a large blue whale shark fishman with the build of a sumo wrestler and a face commonly associated with various Japanese demons, such as the oni. As a member of the Sun Pirates, he is also regarded as one of the Shichibukai.

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Jinbe is a fishman with a great sense of pride and honor and he is known to the World Government as a pirate-hating pirate, due to the actions of the pirates in Fishman Island, kidnapping fishmen and merfolk to sell them as slaves.

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Now this Knight of the Sea becomes available for recruitment in the Lv.87 All Blue Bar, where players can use his incredible strength, wisdom and agility. These attributes allow his Tile True Punch attack to be truly devastating to his enemies and a worthy addition to a player's team.

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Jinbe's strength and physical attributes are second only to Empress and his agility is only bested by snipers. This Knight of the Sea is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a tank class character and he is sure to take the Pockie Pirates world by storm.

Pockie Pirates: Chapter 6 launched into open beta on Christmas Day, December 25th, introducing new characters, content, and a faithful recreation of the Grand Line to the One Piece MMO.

Interested players can join the race to become the King of the Pirates for free today by joining Pockie Pirates on Game321:






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