Dragon's Call II First Server Epoch is Glorious Debut on Yeepgame

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Abstract: Yeepgame recently announced that there would be a new browser game Dragon's Call II ready to release on February 21, 2013 (Thursday). It is a western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG which is a perfect combination of 2D technology implementation and turn base online game.

Yeepgame recently announced that there would be a new browser game Dragon's Call II ready to release on February 21st, 2013 (Thursday). Here let's have an overview of the game world first.

Dragon's Call II

Dragon's Call II story unfolds in one of these worlds, StilLand, a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power. There was a short period of quiet time after the worlds came into being, when all forms of life lived in peace and harmony. However, as powers and desires swelled, struggles and conflicts, declared or not, came one after another, numerous wars bestowed different destinies upon the races. Some races vanished, while others rose; some allied with each other, while others continued endless fights; some dwelled atop high mountains, while others lurked into abyss seas…

Dragon's Call II does not follow the conventional leveling system, but introduces a brand new leveling system which adds much more fun to the process of level-up. In the game, players will enjoy a rich variety of splendid combat modes and skills, such as astrology system, advancement system, friend system, potion system, guild system, chat system, quest system and meditation system, together with humanistic storyline, a lot of tough stages, and the aesthetic western-styled architecture, this game will make you be fully integrated into the fantasy game world.

Yeepgame has been fully prepared for the new Dragon's Call II. Just waiting for the February 21st Server 1—Epoch.

About Dragons Call II

Dragon's Call II: Revival of the Giant Dragons is a western-styled side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG. There are as current three classes in Dragon's Call—'Warrior', 'Mage', and 'Assassin'. Warriors have the highest hp of all the classes overall, and the ability to hold shields. They are therefore often used in the 'tank' position when exploring instances. Mages have very low hp, but they can do the most damage out of all the classes. They have skills that let them ignore armor, and debuff attacks like 'fireball'. Assassins dodge more often, and occasionally double-attack. They use two daggers to deal a decent amount of damage, and they have debuff and poison abilities.

About Yeepgame Team

With 7 core members and over 20 related employees, Yeepgame is one of the most potential and fastest developing game platforms mainly targeting in North America with our games portfolio of 6 browser games and over 20 mini games. We have been now getting over 500,000 registered user, 3,000 + unique visitors daily and 14 payment options. We celebrate holidays and festival with our players by holding diverse and special platform and game events. It's our goal to create a happy, free and relaxed game realm for all our gamers by keeping improving our work all the time.



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