MojiKan Launches Next Version of Ground Breaking 3D Virtual Social

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Advanced Australian 3D Virtual Worlds and Social Games studio announces major release of ground breaking online virtual social game world, MojiKan. Latest release develops innovative model allowing users to cash-out virtual currency for real money – a first of its kind.

Sydney, 29th January 2013 – MORF Dynamics today announced the worldwide release of the latest version of its browser-based, 3D virtual social game world, MojiKan. MojiKan is built on an advanced interactive online 3D platform where users build villages, towns, cities, rebuild vast civilisations, embark on missions and quests, socialise with one another and play casual social games. With over 260,000 beta users, the company is today excited to announce a major development for their horde of fans. Not only has there been vast improvements to the 3D game engine, more games, content and speed, but the MojiKan virtual economy has been given a total make-over that now allows users the ability to cash out their virtual currency, the MojiKan Dollar, into cold, hard cash via the world's new redemption currency system.

"We noticed a huge gap in creating true value for our users that nobody else was doing – so we tweaked our economy algorithms to allow active and loyal users to be able to redeem their virtual cash for real money," said Robert Fong of MORF Dynamics. "Users are our greatest asset and we want them to be able to benefit from their time with the MojiKan just as much we enjoy creating the worlds and games within the MojiKan. Our vision is to radically transform and pioneer the next-generation of virtual social environments, interactions and online casual gaming."

In MojiKan, players must choose a Meeble (human avatar) and Pet (Mojis or Obakis) to help rebuild their chosen Meeble Civilisation. Users would typically explore and build villages, towns cities, purchase land, raise pets, trade, buy and sell virtual goods, play games, socialise and interact with other MojiKan users. What makes MojiKan unique is the players' ability to earn money. Players may redeem their virtual currency for real money currency via the "Cash-Out Economy" feature at any time without any strings or hidden clauses. "It's simply a mathematical reward mechanism that we have developed that allows users to earn virtual currencies and then to redeem them for real cash to reward them for all that hard work. Users love this new feature in the world and we benefit from that too so it's a win-win relationship," says Lukie Ali, the architect behind the MojiKan's virtual economy.

So far the response has been beyond the small studio's expectations and the games and launch promotions have been well-received. To date, the MojiKan's user activity has spiked 270%, 65% new visitors and 35% returning. It's extremely encouraging for the company to see user acquisition and activity reach such heights and affirms their efforts in creating quality and valuable products for their users. "Virtual worlds have been hailed as the next major development in online social networking," said Fong. "We want to make sure that we continue to create value for our users and to move our product into the next phase of development as we continue to grow and grow."

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About MORF Dynamics

MORF Dynamics is an innovative 3D virtual worlds and social games studio built on breakthrough Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Game Engine technology for the next generation of human-to-human interactive and immersive online engagements. The MojiKan is the result of years of research to create a large, pervasive, real-time, browser-based 3D virtual social game world, deeply integrated and playable on all environments, browsers, tablets, phones and consoles. We are focused on creating online worlds and social games that are deeply engaging, fun, social, challenging and rewarding. Additionally, MORF develops its own unique virtual economy allowing all users to purchase virtual currency and cash-out real money safely and profitably.



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