Those Tragical Weddings in Video Games

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Are all the weddings romantic and sweet? I don't think so, at least not so in games. And sometimes, the tragical weddings can be an important part in game's storyline. While playing games, have you ever noticed those tragical weddings? Today let's take a look at those tragical weddings in video games.

1. Yuna's wedding in Final Fantasy X

Exactly, it's not a wedding ceremony, but a trade. And the look in Yuna's face tells us it's a tough wedding. Thank god this wedding stopped halfway.

Yuna's wedding in Final Fantasy X

2. Ashe's wedding in Final Fantasy XII

There isn't any tragedy in her wedding ceremony, but unfortunately her husband hurried to the front and then died just soon after the wedding. Dressing in black soon after dressing in white, that's what made Ashe a strong girl.

Ashe's wedding in Final Fantasy XII

3. Aya's wedding in Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday

White wedding dress symbolizes purity, but what if a wedding dress stained with blood? If you can't image it, just refer to Aya's wedding in Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday.

Aya's wedding in Parasite Eve:The 3rd Birthday

4. Hero's wedding in Harvest Moon

As a classic game, Harvest Moon's hero is always wearing a blue hat. Finally he can dress in the black suit in his wedding ceremony, but he still can't get rid of his hat. Isn't it a tragedy to attend the wedding ceremony in this dress? Thankfully, his hat isn't green.

Hero's wedding in Harvest Moon



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