BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Feb. 11 to Feb. 17

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Hello, everyone, another brand new week is saying "hi" to us, nice to see you again in this weekly wrap-up. As usual, we will take you look back and see how many new/funny things have been brought forth on BBGsite during last week. Are you ready now? Here we go:

Valentine's Day Topic: How Do You Think the Marriage in Games

Last Thursday is the Valentine's Day, how did you spend this special day? Date with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or just stay at home and play games? If you're single in real life, have you ever thought of getting married in games?

As to the ingame marriage, nowadays in video games, the marriage system has become more and more popular, and we can see it in most RPG games. Sometimes, the ingame couples may even become the real couples. However, if you've already married in real life, will you still pretend to be single and marry with someone else in games? Do you think it's a kind of cheating?

How Do You Think the Marriage in Games


Next Page: 2 More Servers of Chrono Tales to Launch>>

2 More Servers of Chrono Tales to Launch

With the successful release of Chrono Tales Open Beta and Server 1, thousands of players are active in game and request a new server, so Ray Media were frenziedly preparing for the launch of another two servers, which is said to be scheduled around Feb. 18th.

Some players feed back that Survival Island is interesting and challenging, which is one of daily in game events. It consists of 13 floating islands. Gamers can shuttle among these islands and attack others freely. After Survival Island opens, every eligible player will be given 10 minutes to prepare for the event. There will be a notification displayed on the screen every 30 seconds. During the 10-minute preparation, players can also find the Survival Island event in. When the event begins, portals near Rebirth Points in every town are approach to Survival Island. As time goes on, islands will close one by one to each one, so there is no way to avoid fighting for the whole time. The final player survives on the islands is the winner of the event.

Chrono Tales Screenshot


Next Page: The Resurrection of Ten Tails Announced for Pockie Ninja II Original>>

The Resurrection of Ten Tails Announced for Pockie Ninja II Original

NGames, a leading online games publisher, announced "The Resurrection of Ten Tails", a new storyline bringing the original and powerful Ten Tails demon into the world of Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece inspired MMO, Pockie Ninja II Original.

There is trouble ahead in the world of Pockie Ninja II Original, as the powerful and dangerous Ten Tails returns. Now, players must take on the role of the 'Child of Prophecy' and attempt to save the world - just like Naruto did in his titular anime series.

Pockie Ninja II Original


Next Page: The Mysterious Gecko Moria Crashes into Pockie Pirates>>

The Mysterious Gecko Moria Crashes into Pockie Pirates

Award-winning online games publisher, NGames, announced that mysterious and powerful One Piece character, Gecko Moria, was ready for recruitment in free-to-play browser-based One Piece MMO, Pockie Pirates.

After seeing Doflamingo introduced to the game last week, Pockie Pirates players are being treated to another, altogether more mysterious new character to add to their crews.

Gecko Moria isn't your average One Piece character. This powerful member of the Shichibukai – an elite group of leaders in the One Piece world – once dominated the whole new world, until he suddenly disappeared after the Battle of Marineford. His whereabouts have remained a mystery ever since, with many spreading the news that "Moria is dead".

Pockie Pirates


Next Page: GunsWords Begins "Beta Bash" Events>>

GunsWords Begins "Beta Bash" Events

Independent developer, One Button Studio, announced GunSwords' first "Beta Bash", a series of weekly events for the turn-based PvP game's Open Beta. Every Thursday and Sunday, GunSwords fans can look forward to new community-building activities and in-game rewards including double GP and Tin, a weekly "Dev Challenge" Twitch stream and live Q&A sessions. The first GunSwords Beta Bash will start at 6pm (Central European Time)/9am (Pacific) on Thursday, February 14th. Twitch stream and developers Q&A sessions will take place on Sundays from 12am-2am CEST/3pm-5pm Pacific. More information along with a full schedule can be found at:




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