Valentine's Day Topic: How Do You Think the Marriage in Games

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How Do You Think the Marriage in Games

Hello guys, it's a sweet day today, isn't it? In this Valentine's Day, what do you want to do? Date with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or just stay at home and play games? If you're single in real life, have you ever thought of getting married in games?

How Do You Think the Marriage in Games

As to the ingame marriage, nowadays in video games, the marriage system has become more and more popular., and we can see it in most RPG games. Sometimes, the ingame couples may even become the real couples. However, if you've already married in real life, will you still pretend to be single and marry with someone else in games? Do you think it's a kind of cheating?

In some players' opinion, the ingame marriage is just for fun, it won't cause any problem in real life. Any way, you even don't know whether your ingame wife is female or male. And compared to the real marriage, the ingame marriage is low-risk, it's just a kind of relaxation.

How Do You Think the Marriage in Games

On the other hand, can you accept your couple married in game with someone else? If not, what will you do then? Uninstall his/her game client? Delete his/her account, or just turn a blind eye? And in my opinion, the best way to avoid this problem is to marry with your real couple in game. What do you think? Don't hesitate to share us your opinion. And at last wish everyone of you have a sweet Valentine's Day.



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