New RuneScape Content Sinkholes Launched

Date: Feb 05 2013 18:45:55 Source: Press Release Views:
KeyWord: RuneScape, RuneScape Update, RuneScape New Content, Sinkholes

Sinkholes are appearing across RuneScape, offering the bravest adventurers a chance to delve into these mini-dungeons and seek the treasure held within.

Upon entering a sinkhole, the adventurers will be sent to a lobby where they'll be placed into a group of five like-minded adventurers. They'll then have 7 minutes to complete the dungeon specific objectives together in order to gain access to the coveted treasure room!

Although adventurers will have to work as a team in order to gain access to the treasure room, those who contribute the most towards the overall objectives will be assigned larger treasure chests containing higher amounts of XP.

Once all the treasure is assigned, the adventurers are then given one last chance to change their fate, to turn on each other and get the best prizes for themselves! As each player goes through the dungeon they will pick up cards which can be played once the treasure is assigned, allowing them to affect the final order of the chests and therefore what prize they receive. Each player will only be allowed to play one card and the player with the lowest ranked player gets to play their card first.

There's plenty to play for in this fun and exciting minigame, with a healthy hoard of Dungeoneering XP and tokens up for grabs, as well as the cosmetic Gorajo hoardstalker gear set.

Sinkholes will be appearing in from today.



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