Mythic Saga - Get Your New Server Prize (Demon Cave) S7!

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Mythic Saga

COOLTOPLAY is giving away special New Server Gift Packs to players brave enough to enter Demon Cave the newest Mythic Saga server. These packs are bursting with powerful items and players can get theirs on February 4th 6:00p.m. PST when the newest server opens!

Mythic Saga gives players the power to battle against thousands in a massive browser MMO world. With 4 classes (Assassin, Mage, Warrior, Priest) and customizable skill paths including mushroom polymorphs and instant teleporting gamers will choose their destiny in this fast-paced adventure!

In Mythica, the forces of heaven and hell have made the human world their battleground and it's up to brave gamers to restore the balance. With every quest, heroes learn the secrets of the other realm and build up the skills needed to take on dangerous demons and dozens of epic bosses.

Players can plunge through challenging dungeons to collect new gear and master the techniques to forge legendary equipment. With a full crafting system, skilled players can even make god-like gear.

As three factions Atlas, Mythos and Terra compete for honor in daily battles having strong gear helps.

With new maps and over 70 levels of exciting action, heroes will travel to strange lands with their relics and mounts. In Mythica relics fight by a player’s side or even act as tanks to keep their heroes battling longer. From burning urns to mystical blue falcons, relics are always ready to help their masters. Mythic Saga also features capture the flag matches, as well as special guild and Tower defense events!

Mythic Features

  • 4 Powerful Classes

  • Custom Skill Paths (Lightning Mage – Fire Mage, Curse Priest – Blade Priest)

  • Exciting Skills ( Polymorph, Poison Cloud, Totems)

  • Relics – command relics to tank, support or attack modes!

  • Guild Events and Skills

  • Capture the Flag

  • 70 Levels

  • Full Crafting System

  • Hoverblade Mounts

  • Faction System

Mythic Saga brings the action back to MMOs! Check Here for more Info:



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