Aggro Games to Publish Russian Version of City of Steam

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January 31, 2013 Developer Mechanist Games has teamed up with Russian publisher Aggro Games to publish their debut title City of Steam, a free to play, browser-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game).

City of Steam transports players to an industrial-age fantasy where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologies suffuse every aspect of existence, from the half-organic, half-mechanical dwarves to the giant gears of the World Machine itself. Hundreds of quests will lead players through ancient ruins, run-down alleys and atop flying airships, searching for archaic spoils while the trying to find a place, for themselves and their families, in their new home.

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"Working with Mechanist Games is an exciting opportunity," says Mike Sviblov, Chief Producer at Aggro Games . "We are thrilled to work on a title with a unique and rich world, especially when you have such a great game behind it. Aggro Games feels players' demands for City of Steam , and we are working hard to deliver the best gaming experience to players in Russia, CIS and Poland."

Being their first trek into delivering a Unity 3D title, publisher Aggro Games expects a positive reception in their target regions. City of Steam has already captured the attention of several Russian gaming communities, as evidenced by recently winning the Perpetuum Mob " Most Anticipated Online Project", a Russian-based game media award for the best online games.

"Choosing a publisher comes down to finding common ground, people that share our vision of what City of Steam could mean for the future of browser games," continues David Lindsay, CEO and Creative Lead of Mechanist Games. "We have a growing fanbase in Russia already, and Aggro Games was a perfect fit, coupled with a solid approach to delivering quality online games to the Russian, CIS and Polish regions."

About Aggro Games

Aggro Games is an international game publisher specializing in online games. The company was formed at the end of 2012 for the purpose of delivering the most upcoming games for European audiences. Aggro Games consists of the best professionals with over 8 years of experience in leading game companies.

About Mechanist Games

Mechanist Games is made up of an international development team of enthusiastic members from China, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and many other regions around the world. The multicultural workplace at Mechanist Games provides an ideal environment for personal growth and professional innovation. Their debut title, City of Steam, is developed using the Unity 3D engine. For further information, see:

"As we are dedicated gamers ourselves, we want to develop games with integrity and hope that this passion manifests itself in the games we create."



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