The Cutest and Strongest Mounts Ever in Tamer Saga

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Abstract: The personal mount system enables you to ride a personal mount with different appearances, and the mount will boost your stats at any time no matter you ride it or not. You can upgrade your mount so it can boost your stats more.

Tamer Saga is an independently developed 2D MMORPG Q style game which shows the cutest and strongest mounts ever. The personal mount system enables you to ride a personal mount with different appearances, and the mount will boost your stats at any time no matter you ride it or not. You can upgrade your mount so it can boost your stats more. As you land on the Yeepgame, you can enjoy the unimaginable mounts system.


When hitting level 25, you can start the "Personal Mount" quest at the Event Envoy to get access to the personal mount.


  1. The personal mounts can be upgraded to grade 9 starting at grade 1.
  2. Each grade is divided into 10 levels. When leveling up, the mount will boost the avatar's stats more.
  3. When hitting level 10 of a grade, the mount can be upgraded so it can be transformed to a new different appearance.
  4. You may exchange mount upgrade shards/spars with the Stuff Changer in the Twilight City for the mount upgrade gems which are required to upgrade the personal mount. You may loot mount upgrade shards/spars when fighting in the wilderness. You may also buy some in the Mall.
  5. You may train your personal mount so it can gain EXP to level up. There are 3 options available: Crystal Mode, Voucher Mode and Super Mode.
  6. Crystal Mode: Add 49 EXP (may also cause special effects).
  7. Voucher Mode: Add 99 EXP (may also cause greater special effects).
  8. Super Mode: Spend 250 Vouchers to train (may cause multiple greater special effects).

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Personal Mount

Royal Griffin
With the power of lions and action force of hawks, the Royal Griffin is amazingly tough.

Azury Flame Lord
The giant beast from abyss is able to burn everything to ashes by azury flame.

Silvery Triceratops
Since it was infected by the Shadow Shard, the dragon has become extremely ferocious and eager to swallow everything in front.

Armored Predator
The beast used to help hunt the opposing animals in war, but has become untamed and even begun to attack human beings.

Mecha Raptor
The raptor has been frenzied and out of control.

Irascible Fox
The fox looks pretty cute. However it is rather irascible especially when attacked.

Tamer Saga Screenshot

Silvery Warbeast
The beast has been specially trained for fighting. It is very powerful though it is ponderous.

White Elephant
The cute elephant looks a bit young, but it is very strong. Do not look down upon it, or you will regret sooner or later.


As the most ferocious beast on the land, it can make the rider much stronger.

Tamer Saga has fully extended the features of the cute styles which has opening Server 5 on Yeepgame. What are you waiting for? Join Us now!

About Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga features a fictional world set in medieval Europe, in which players will go through various wonderful journeys and perform their own stories in the course of overcoming difficulties. There are four classes in Tamer Saga – Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Priest. The game supports instant fashion change and offers thousands of avatars, hundreds of pets and a rich variety of mounts for players to choose from.

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